To Avoid Injury, Stay Away from These Events, Activities, and Places


Sometimes you want to live life in a way that expresses activity in motion. Other times, you want to do everything that you can do to avoid injuries. So if you are in that second category, it makes sense that you would want to stay away from anywhere that injury is likely. Specifically, there are events, activities, and places where the likelihood of something bad happening is far higher than anywhere else.

Take a few examples of where this is the case. There are dangerous jobs that you can do. There are dangerous places in the world that you can live or visit. And there are dangerous athletic experiences. If you want to stay away from injuries, then you need to stay away from the worst offenders and each of these categories.

Dangerous Jobs

Consider the most dangerous jobs in the world. If you do these jobs, you are more likely to get a personal injury. In many cases, personal injuries are avoidable or accidental. In other cases, they are simply statistically more or less likely. If you know that you are working at a job where injuries are more likely, even if you take all the safety precautions possible, there is still data to back up the fact that you might get hurt.

On the plus side of working at a job that you know is potentially dangerous, the paychecks are usually much higher, so for some people, the risk is worth the reward.

Dangerous Places in the World

Then there is the matter of visiting the most dangerous places in the world. If you want to have a safe journey somewhere, take all of these places off of your list. Typically, the danger can come from gangs, military violence, political upheaval, or several different factors.

Even if a certain country or city is on your bucket list of places that you want to go for some reason, it’s important to choose a time to go there when the risk of injury or incident is at a minimum. If you have to put off a vacation for years, it’s better to do that than end up in a situation where you could be harmed or even killed.

Dangerous Athletics

A final concept to pay attention to if you want to avoid injury is which athletics you can participate in. If you’re going to play table tennis, the chances of injury are pretty low. However, if you desire to be a professional hockey or football player, the results of those choices are far different.

If you are a natural athlete, at some point, you need to decide whether the risk and reward equation is worth it depending on your professional and personal goals. Football players with millions of dollars regret some of their decisions regarding their health because they become physically disabled because of their injuries.




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