What Are the Current Trends in Ecommerce Logistic Partners?


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E-Commerce is only heading northward and it is here to stay. From individuals to companies and educational institutions, just about everyone is purchasing goods online. So how does a small business that makes a small product or a big online retailer like Amazon makes sure all its goods get logistically ordered, stored, and shipped correctly? Fast and convenient shipping has become a must-have for a company. But it’s a huge job in itself. Here are the ways the smartest people manage e-commerce logistics:

Outsourcing to Experts

A true sign of maturity in life and in business is knowing that not every person can perform every job well. The bigger and more successful your business becomes, the more responsibilities and logistics to consider. If your company makes a product that is becoming increasingly popular, you need to consider outsourcing your shipping and storing logistics. You need to bring on a third-party logistics (3pl) partner to handle the logistics management, so you can focus your energy on your product and revenue. Outsourcing a logistics partner is like bringing on a fresh, keen set of eyes and hands, dedicated to the success of your business. You need an e-commerce partner who is an expert that will give your business the personal attention it needs from the beginning of order till it’s in the hands of the consumer.

Using a Comprehensive 3pl

It’s tempting to want to purchase logistics software for your company that describes itself as “comprehensive” but it can’t replace a third-party logistics partner that’s comprised of real people with years of knowledge and expertise in shipping, tracking, and handling goods for your customers. A 3pl with a smaller number of clients is actually to your advantage as they will give you the care and attention your business needs. A 3pl in the UK  that’s attentive to its clients will provide your company with the data it needs for shipping optimization with a transport management system. You want a transportation system that already operates with a 3pl company and has built that trusted relationship. A 3pl company can also provide your business with data about customer shopping trends. How and when do customers buy your goods is an e-commerce partner’s specialty.

Client Relationship

Technology in the hands of people who care can do wonders for the shipping of your company’s goods. In order for a 3pl to really up its game and stay ahead of the curve, it needs to make client relationships the top priority. Smart technology can truly enhance that customer relationship for third-party logistics partners. New innovations such as freight visibility, free audits, and clear lists of services will make a 3pl company really stand out. If you own a business with the ever-growing demand for shipping, you want to see a list of clear services that 3pl provides that benefit you, their client.

A 3pl with a strong brand will stand out and create loyal partnerships with clients. And that often means filling in the gaps as manual labor decreases in favor of more self-automated services. These can enhance a third party’s positive lasting relationship with a client by helping them be indispensable to the shipping of goods and services. A third party logistics party will make sure orders are processed the same day, at an incredibly low rate with international tracked deliveries and special handling for various deliveries. In addition, your business needs warehouse availability and a great 3pl can offer that.

Going that Last Mile

It’s known as last-mile delivery and it has become the make or break for customers, merchants, and delivery providers. Customer expectations are the highest they’ve ever been. People have no margin for lost, stolen, damaged, or missing packages, not with so much tracking technology that the competitor 3pl might provide. A 3pl has to be on the front lines of technology for speed, flexibility, security, and cost of delivery. Most customers, according to a 2016 survey by Temando cited by PLS Logistics, want the option of same-day delivery plus the technology and interface to allow in-store shopping capabilities.

With the innovation of smart doorbells, people can monitor the packages left at their doorstep. Theft is a problem on weekdays, so often people want a third party logistic partner that provides shipping partners that can deliver on weekends when most people are home.

Delivery providers have to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of customers. People want more goods and in a shorter period of time. A third-party logistics partner is ready and able to meet these demands while also keeping an eye on every emerging technology and challenge.

Big or small business, start-up or long-running, your point is to grow and sell products. In order to get your goods to customers in every timely, safe, affordable manner you need to consider all the relevant advances in third-party logistics partners.




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