Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy

The pandemic that we are facing right now induces so many worries on everyone, especially on their loved one’s health. But whether there’s a virus or not, good health should be mandatory in every household. So how can we help every family member to improve and work their habits towards good health?

Set a Health Goal

The first step to motivate your family to practice healthy habits every day is simply to set a health goal. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate list, but just some things that you want to achieve as a family. Perhaps all of you want to work out into getting into a healthy shape or you want to practice discipline in eating with your kids. Maybe you want to limit their screen time with their gadgets, or you want to cut off your soda-drinking habits. Regardless, goals don’t have to be very complicated.

But before you take out your pen and write post-it notes on your mirrors, make sure that the goals you want are realistic to achieve. Vague or difficult ideals are going to make any member of the family get annoyed and quit working towards your family goals. What we want is to maintain enthusiasm and passion every single day.

To give you an example of a realistic goal, switch “lose weight” into “lose 2 pounds every month.” Notice the difference between the two? The latter does not feel overwhelming, and it is not putting too much pressure as opposed to wanting to lose a large amount of weight in just a week.

Do you want to encourage your kids to be responsible for eating sweets? Instead of instantly ordering them to avoid their favorite candy, set the number of pieces that they can only consume throughout the week. Over time, it’ll be easier for you to lessen the amount more and get them to like other foods like fruits instead of candy bars.

At the same time, don’t forget to keep an open communication between each family member. They will have an easier time understanding the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly if they know the benefits of doing those things. Maybe your teenage daughter will appreciate how clean eating helps in achieving a clearer skin. Or perhaps your dad will notice that he doesn’t get as exhausted easily if he adds cardio in his morning routine.

Plan Ahead

Speaking of open communication, you can also allow every member of the family to get involved in the planning process. Once you’ve set goals that you want to achieve together, it’s better to hear the opinions and comments of your family as well. This is especially true if you want to help your kids to start eating healthy.

Involve them when making a grocery list, and you can even bring them with you at the supermarket. You can also let them help around in the kitchen. Being involved in the process of food preparation will surely inspire them to love the healthy meals they prepared. According to this guide, you can even make your own burgers at home by using a meat grinder. Your kids already love their burgers, so why not plan with them on how to make a healthier version of their favorite meal?

Planning ahead of time also makes it easier to keep everyone engaged and open to some changes in their lifestyles. You can schedule a time where everyone can exercise or when you just want to bond with each other since emotional and mental health is equally as important.

Remember that there is no such thing as “too late” when it comes to taking care of our health. Even if it’s already February, your family can still go through with your New Year’s resolutions. Consider making some switches and compromises in your pantry and adding equipment in the house like yoga mats and dumbbells. For your children or spouse’s lunches, don’t be afraid to try out new recipes to keep healthy meals exciting each day.

Be a Role Model

Of course, setting by example is one of the most effective ways to inspire your family to venture into a healthy lifestyle. You can show them that healthy meals and snacks don’t have to feel like a sacrifice. Cook them interesting meals that are so delicious that having a good nutritional content is just a bonus.

Show them how fun working out can be and that it isn’t difficult to follow through every day. If they’ll notice how happy and energetic you are with your habits, they will likely be committed to doing healthy habits too. If you think about it, it isn’t going to work if someone is motivating you to workout if he himself spends the whole day on the couch while eating junk food.

Another example that you can do every day is something as simple as getting everyone to eat together at breakfast and dinner. Be involved in the preparation of meals and show your kids or parents that eating healthy food makes a huge difference in our energy and feeling. You can also introduce healthier snack alternatives like mixed nuts, yogurts, and vegetable sticks when you are craving for cookies or pizza in the middle of the day.

Ready Rewards

The last tip that you should practice is allow the whole family to enjoy, have fun, and celebrate every achievement no matter how small or big they are. Do not put too much expectations and pressure among yourselves. Remember that you want to help your loved ones to enjoy and actively like the healthy habits that you have planned together. If you are being too strict and judgmental throughout the way, it’s going to be easy to lose motivation as well.

Set a “free day” where everyone can let loose and reward themselves. If you find yourself craving for cake, try to still find a healthier version. You can also go to the spa and relax or buy your kids a toy that they want. As long as you know how to reward right and smartly, it also works as an excellent motivator to keep moving forward with your healthy resolutions.

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