Tips for Making the Most of the Mall’s Event Space


When planning events in a shopping center, it is important to keep in mind the entire structure and look for suitable equipment to provide greater comfort and security for those present. However, it is also necessary to thoroughly analyze the size of the place where the event will take place and plan the number of people to be accommodated.

Use the right structure for your event

To provide the best conditions for your event, the Q30 box frame is a modular metal structure, which can be made of aluminum or carbon steel. Geometry and weight are designed for simple assembly to meet different structural needs and simplify transportation and handling for various events. Suitable for situations where harsh structures are needed, such as dance floors, promotional stands, banners and concert tents, this type of metal structure is also known as beams, lattices or frames.

For outdoor events, coverage must be provided – whether constant or installed, only if climate change occurs. To provide protection against heat, rain and wind attacks, both for people and for the equipment used at the event itself. Event tents are a popular and affordable choice and can be made from materials such as polyester, polyethylene, or fabric. They are fire resistant and their various designs and models allow complete harmonization with the environment designed by the customer. Quotations can be requested based on size and material requirements used in tarpaulin construction.

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However, tarpaulins are not the only material available on the market to protect equipment and space. Shopping stall covers are very popular and are used in many places – such as exhibitions, congresses and exhibitions. Because they can be found made specifically for kiosks, as well as ensuring the safety of equipment and materials, have high durability and affordable costs.

Get security for peace of mind

Thinking about ways to ensure better security, it is also possible to provide protection to places where access is limited or at risk for users.

Access control can be carried out by well-trained staff, such as security guards and guards or by technological means. To allow access or intersection at specific locations, identifying and authenticating users is paramount.

This process can be done through credentials or even through identification, through documents, however, it is possible to find specific software and equipment to perform this service without the need for trained and physical professionals. Access controllers can authorize user access through fingerprints, biometrics, passwords, credentials or electronic keys.

Meet Parking Automation

In addition to controlling the traffic of people in the environment with sophisticated equipment such as speedgate turnstiles, it is also possible to optimize your commercial space through software, resources, and various tools that ensure car traffic control in the parking lot. Through parking automation, it is possible to implement solutions that in addition to controlling the flow of stay, in and out of local parking.

They also reduce the looseness of vacancies, changing manual processes – which can be subject to fraud – into automated processes that are generated and executed by modern systems. This system controls all site activities without the need for direct employee influence. As part of commercial automation, this tool ensures efficient application of human-machine integration.

Regardless of the size of your anticipated event, it is very important to have safe and reliable control of entry and exit from people and cars at the place of business.




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