Everything you need to know about Puffco Peak and Carta Vape


Since 2018, the vaping trends have been changed due to the portable and e-nail dab rigs. The first portable desktop dab rig Puffco was introduced then. Puffco opened the new passage for both technology and vaping. It provides advanced technology that merges desktop performance in a portable form. It was the first device in such category.

Puffco Peak was once given the name of “the future of cabbing” as it was a revolutionary work in the vaping industry. Like for all forms of gadgets, the devices of this category also evolve with time. In this article, we are going to discuss Puffco Peak vs. Carta Vape. We are going to compare the oldest e-nail rig with the latest one.

Puffco Peak

Pufcco Peak, when it was launched, made headlines in every form of media. It blew the minds of consumers by giving them the true meaning of portable desktop vaping.

Puffco Peak has a triangle shape and gives a stable posture at the base. Its height is 7 inches with the bottom of 2.75 inches and can easily be held with either two hands or only one. Puffco Peak did not have a wall adapter and can be carried anywhere. Now, one can vape the favorite concentrates during parties and partaking in a group session.

The battery fully charges in almost 2 hours and can give 30 dabs in a single charge. Its battery calibrates the temperature of the vaporizer and adjusts the settings automatically to prevent excessive heat. Some minor features are:

  • LED lights
  • Water filtration
  • Robust Silicon base
  • Borosilicate glass pieces


  • Puffco Peak has excellent design and construction.
  • It is free from caples and wall adapter.
  • It has a smart battery that can go for a long time.
  • Puffco is also used for medical purposes.


  • As of weight, Puffco Peak is a bit bulky than other e-nails.
  • It does have only one battery.
  • It is expensive than other e-nails.

Carta Vape

After the release of Puffco Peak, many companies started manufacturing such vaporizers. Carta Vape, manufactured by Force V Company, is one of the new and best dab rigs. It is similar to Puffco Peak but has more efficient features than Puffco.

One of the fantastic things about Carta Vape is removable and rechargeable batteries. Puffco has a wireless power source, but it has a limited lifespan. What if your battery dies during a party where you do not have any source to recharge the battery? This is where Carta beats the Puffco. If your battery dies, you can replace it with a new one. The more batteries you will have, the longer you can enjoy the rig.

Another incredible feature of the Carta is that it provides a downloadable application on mobile. You can easily configure the temperature settings with this application. In the end, one of the most significant advantages of the Carta is that it is versatile. It means that it can vaporize both herbs and concentrates. Some minor features of it are:

  • USB charging
  • Water filtration
  • LED lights
  • Borosilicate glass pieces


  • It has removable batteries.
  • You can set the temperature with a smartphone application.
  • Carta V is versatile.
  • It is less expensive.


  • Its construction is not as good as Puffco Peak.

Final Judgement

Both devices are exceptional in terms of performance. But, Carta does have some more advanced features than Puffco. Nowadays, everyone wants products that have maximum features, and Carta vaporizer is the best e-nail. Moreover, it is cheaper than Puffco. The Puffco is available for 300 dollars while Carta is only 250 dollars. Surprisingly, Carta is providing the maximum features at a low cost.




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