10 Hacks to Declutter Your Home

Clutter is a common part of many homes. The mail is dropped on the counter so it remains in plain sight, otherwise you will not remember to look at it later. Sweaters and socks are left where they are taken off. And sometimes, there is not time to fold the laundry, so it stays in the hamper. Building up clutter in your home is easy, but finding ways to organize your home – and keep it that way – can be hard.

A cluttered home can make you feel overwhelmed and even frustrated when you can’t find the item you are looking for. You may even be embarrassed to invite others into your home due to the mess. If you need easy ways to reduce the clutter in your home, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will give you ten hacks to declutter your home and give you room to breathe. You may find that decluttering your home will declutter your mind and bring you motivation and clarity. A clean home leaves more time and space for hobbies and other activities.


Hack #1 – Minimize the amount of stuff you have.

Ceiling speakers is a nifty way to avoid the tangling of wires and thus creates a clean look and make space for other items to be placed, examples of this can be found on OuterAudio. Having less stuff means you will have less clutter. It can be difficult to declutter when your home is so full of things, that there is not space for all of it. If this is the case for you, then consider donating, selling, or throwing out the stuff you do not use or need. Here are five questions to ask yourself when trying to get rid of stuff:

  1. Have I used this in the last year? If the answer is no, and you do not have a realistic plan to use it, then get rid of it.
  2. Is it broken? You may be planning to fix it, but will that plan become an action soon? Do not hold onto broken things, they only take up space. If it was important enough, you would have fixed it by now.
  3. Is this item similar to other items I have? You do not need multiple items that serve the same purpose.
  4. Would you buy it right now? If the answer is no, get rid of it.
  5. Are you keeping it because you do not want to waste money? If you haven’t been using it, then you’ve already wasted your money. Donate it or sell it.

Having less stuff will simplify your life. Minimizing your load will have the biggest impact on decluttering your home. And will automatically make your space more luxurious.

Hack #2 – Conquer the clutter one room at a time.

Looking at your house as one enormous mess to organize will make decluttering seem too daunting. Choose one room to focus on, organize it, then move on to the next day. When you break up your home into manageable chunks, you will make the clutter removal process less stressful, and you will be more likely to succeed. Also, when you’ve finished your goal of one room, the sense of accomplishment will motivate you for the next room.


Hack #3 – Clear all surfaces, and keep them clear.

After you’ve removed excess stuff from your home, you can organize what is left. Surfaces, such as kitchen and bathroom counters, coffee tables, and bedside tables, are the places we most often toss our clutter. Clear off all the surfaces and put things away, where they belong. Invest in some inexpensive organizers for your mail and keys. Hang up your reusable bags, coats, and hats. If you use your counters or table for a messy activity, make it a habit to clean up afterward.

To keep these surfaces clear, remember two things:

  1. Clutter attracts clutter. If you leave one item out of place, more will accumulate next to it, and the clutter will return.
  2. If it takes less than a minute, do not put it off. A good tip for life in general, but this rule is great for keeping clutter to a minimum. If it takes less than a minute to put something in its place, do not save the small task for later, just do it right away.

Hack #4 – Give everything a place.

While clearing off all your surfaces, you may discover that you do not have a home for some items. That means you need to make one. Closets and garages are the typical places to throw homeless things – but try to resist the urge, (see hacks #7 and #8 for tips to declutter closets and garages). Grab a box or laundry basket and collect all the things that are not in their place. Then, neatly put them where they belong.

Hack #5 – How to declutter electronics.

The chaos of cords and misplaced remotes and chargers create stress. Buy or make a handy remote organizer, and use it. For the tangled mess of cords, roll up excess lengths, zip-tie them, and tuck them neatly behind the shelf. For cords that run along the floor, tape or tack cords to the baseboard in a straight line. For more ideas, a quick Google search for cord organization will show you a variety of ways to keep cords neat and orderly.

Hack #6 – How to declutter with kids.

Kids usually want to hang onto their toys – every single one – forever. The trick to minimize your kids’ toys is to donate the ones they no longer use, without telling them. If you haven’t seen them play with a toy in a while, chances are they will not notice it is missing.

For the toys you keep, make sure they all fit in their bedroom or playroom and do not need to overflow into the living room. Organize small toys into clear boxes or large jars and keep them on a shelf. For larger toys, give them a specific place on a shelf or in the closet. Teach your kids the habit to tidy-up each day before settling down for the night.

Hack #7 – Tips to organize the kitchen.

  • Do you really need 12 plates? If you only have 3 people in your home, probably not. Count the number of people in your home, add 2 or 3, and keep that many of each dish and silverware If you entertain for larger parties, keep extra dishes neatly stored in a closet. The fewer dishes you have available, the less you will need to wash.
  • If you have the cabinet space, keep small appliances off of the counters. It may seem crazy to put the coffee maker or blender away, but you will notice the extra counter space makes the kitchen look more neat and tidy.
  • Put dirty dishes in the sink, not next to it. This will keep counter space open and look cleaner, even when there are dirty dishes.
  • Go through the pantry and fridge and get rid of anything expired or that you do not use. Organize what is left. Consider putting grains, nuts, seeds, and dry items into glass jars so they look tidy and easy to find. Use baskets for snacks like chips and granola bars.

Hack #8 – Tips to organize the garage.

  • Shelves and cabinets in the garage will make organizing much easier. Having less stuff that you don’t need will also be a dramatic help. Invest in bins and containers and label them with what is inside.
  • If you are able, consider building a loft in the garage for items you may not need year-round, like holiday decorations and camping gear. Using the ceiling space can open up the garage so much that you may be able to fit your car inside!
  • Empty food jars are perfect for storing nails and other small hardware.
  • Make use of wall space and hang things like hammers or even ladders.
  • Remember, give everything a place.


Hack #9 – Tidy up daily.

Choose a time every evening to tidy up. Depending on your schedule, you may prefer to tidy up after dinner or before going to bed. Clear the counters of misplaced items, put toys and remotes away, make sure the dishes are in the sink (or washed), and everything is in its place. In the morning, you will be grateful you took the time the night before to tidy up because you will have one less thing to worry about that morning. Make daily organizing a habit for you and for others living in your home.

Hack #10 – Stop buying clutter.

Before you make a purchase, think about a few things: Will this item become clutter? Do I really need this? Have I been doing just fine without it? Is there a place for this in my home?

The best way to keep clutter to a minimum is to stop bringing more things into your home. Before going to the store, make a list. Buy only what is on the list. You can have a list of immediate needs and a separate list for items you are on the lookout for and are able to bring home if you find the perfect one, like a new plant for the kitchen, or a beautiful fruit bowl.

When you stop buying stuff you don’t need, you will have more money for more important things, like vacations, day-trips, and date nights.

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