How to create a vibrant and bold living area

Your home can be transformed into the ultimate interior haven with just a few small touches, particularly if you’re being bold with your colours. If you decorate your home with complementing colours, it’ll become the ideal way to express yourself. There are plenty of tips and tricks you can take on which will make your living room look like it’s in a show home, and we’ve put together a guide on how to make your home the ultimate glamour pad. 

Even if you don’t see yourself sporting a mixture of bright colours in your home, you can maintain your subtle shades while making it all look a little brighter. While colours and patterns can speak highly for your style, even if you’re a lover of subtlety, you can still transform it in different ways. Being vibrant and bold isn’t just about adding colour, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this concept into your home, and we are brimming with ideas to adapt your style into your living area. 

When adding colour to your home, most people would make the changes through wallpaper and accessories, but if you do want something a little different, there are options. If you’re sprucing up the bedroom consider a patterned or bright coloured bed, a specialist like Divan Beds Centre may be the place for you – red definitely seems to be a popular colour for the headboards. 

If you decide to go bright with the bed, it’s important to choose furniture that matches or complement the colour, because it has a central space in the room, it’s definitely going to be eye-catching. It could be worth getting an accent chair in the same style to match and decorate it with lighter shades. 

However, if you don’t want to overload your room with colour, there are plenty of opportunities to go bold without being too vibrant. MyDomaine encourages people to get colourful, but not go over the top. It’s definitely ideal to have vibrant colours throughout your living area, whether that’s a hanging photo, a decorative bowl or some flowers, but it doesn’t need to be too much. Instead, a statement light piece could make all the difference in the centre of the room. Something unusual will still be incredibly bold, and paired with a few vibrant pieces in the living room, it’ll definitely make a stand. 

Alternatively, colour may be something you love to embrace, in which case a vibrant room may be the perfect start for you. Elle Decoration fawns over the power of pastel mixed with a pattern and when it’s combined, it looks glamorous. With a pastel chaise, accent chairs and subtly patterned flooring and coffee tables, it can quickly turn into a bold and vibrant centre – but still, look chic and classy in the process. 

Many people fear vibrant and bold colours because of the possibility of colour-clashing, but if you do it right it always looks incredible. There are endless ways to transform your home, and placing bright colours everywhere is definitely a good start. 

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