Tips for Improving Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Any business or company who is successful in this day and age must have some sort of a digital marketing strategy. The rise in use of technology, social media and smartphones means that those who stay on top of business trends and marketing strategies are the ones who do the best. It’s almost a no brainer to beat your competitors and have an unbreakable strategy that is sure to improve your website traffic, potential customers and the number of clients you have. 

If you’re only starting out and you’re not aware of the vast number of strategies available to you, the first thing you should do is research what is going to work best! However, if you’re already working on a digital marketing strategy you already knew the power of it. SEO can help digital marketing during a recession and can boost your socila media. You simply need some helpful tips and tricks to make the most of the strategies already in place, you should keep reading to find out more.

Below we’ve listed some great tips on how to improve your marketing, which in turn will mean you get more sales and leads for your company or business. Remember, it may be that you need to hire someone in marketing to make the most of your money. Professionals and experts in the field are ideal employees when it comes to improving and strengthening your strategy. Alternatively, if you don’t feel confident building and creating a digital strategy, you may want to hire a skilled digital marketing agency to help you out even further. 

  • Ensure your content is SEO optimised

If SEO and organic reach isn’t at the top of your priorities then it definitely should be. All the content on your website could be amazingly written but if it’s not optimised for SEO and what your potential visitors are searching for then you’re not going to rank on Google. Ranking at the top of Google is many businesses and companies’ dream achievement, especially if you’re only small and find it hard to compete with your competitors. However, ensuring your content has plenty of keywords and phrases in it will mean you’re likely to rank and therefore new customers will find your business. 

  • Be present on social media

Social media presence is one of the best ways to show off your brand or business and what you stand for. There are many individuals who choose not to take a paid social media strategy and instead aim to be organic and reach their audience organically through posts, comments and likes. This is a perfectly good way to reach new people but it can also be very time consuming. In the past, if social media hasn’t worked for you, then don’t worry about having a social media strategy. Instead, just be present online for your followers and ensure you’re there whenever they need you. 

  • Build links to your popular pages

After optimising your content and doing a full SEO audit on your website, you will find that some of your pages and blogs will rank highly on Google. While it’s easy to assume they will stay ranking, this isn’t the case. You must show Google that your content is worth being at the top (or even in the rankings at all). It is for this reason you may want to build up links to these popular pages. Natural backlinks will occur anyway if you’re producing good quality content but you can also do all you can to reach out to people about posting your content (or something similar) on their website. 

For example, if you’re a food brand working on a new vegan meal and want to get backlinks to your vegan meal webpage, reaching out to micro-influencers and asking them to post a blog about and link to your vegan meal then this will only increase its authority within Google. Influencer marketing is actually one of the most effective and popular strategies that brands use to gain more audience and ensure that people trust them as a brand. 

  • Try Pinterest 

Pinterest is an undervalued platform that can actually drive a lot of traffic to any website. Providing you’re using a tried and tested method, Pinterest can be one of the best digital marketing strategies that you try before anyone else in your industry. There is so much potential with Pinterest, you’re able to post pictures and graphics to showcase products and blogs which will mean if people are interested, they’ll click to view more about it. Almost like Google and Bing, Pinterest is a search engine that has millions of searches over the year which could contribute to your marketing and business success, if you’re made familiar with how to utilise it properly. 

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