The Most Loved Hair Extension Types

There’s a reason why everyone loves hair extensions in the first place. Actually, there’s a few! For starters, hair extensions allow individuals to alter their appearance with an array of textures and styles. Hair extensions help you to switch up your look for any occasion. They’re also great for hair promotion in regards to growth, hair health. You may be someone looking to introduce yourself to hair extensions and may not be sure where to start. We’re sharing some of the most loved hair extension types that you too can grow to love!

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-ins have become super popular due to the ease of installing them and how convenient and effortless they are to wear. In comparison to other hair extensions, the method of applying and installing clip-in hair extensions is unmatched so much so that you can toss them in before heading to the office or a night out and be done in under 30 minutes. Unlike clip-ins, with other hair extensions, you’ll have to be inconvenienced by the way of installing using things like liquid adhesive or glue tape which can be a hassle to apply especially if not applied correctly.

Another convenience with clip-ins is their switch up. They can be worn at daytime and you can easily remove them at night to preserve them and properly store them. People love anything that can come easy to them especially when it comes to hair. It saves them time, money, and frustration. Regardless if you wear extensions like clip-ins every day, you won’t get tired of them because they’re so easy to apply which makes them super versatile. Whether you want to wear them for a certain occasion on a special day or for an everyday look, clip-ins are it.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions are the new hottest alternative of hair extensions based on the technique of applying them. They’re also super lightweight and blend effortlessly with natural hair as they lay very flat on the head. Another great thing about tape-in extensions They are extensions with polyurethane tape at the weft. You’re probably wondering, “Poly who?” The main thing you need to know is it’s not harmful to your hair and creates a lasting look that is totally hassle-free.

The newest craze in versatility is clip-in and tape-in extensions, the two sound similar but they are different, and I will share with you how. Full disclaimer: I am not here to advocate for either one, but I do hope to educate you about the differences. Once you read and do your research, you can decide which works best for you!

The installation time is shortened and even the length of time you wear them is cut in half which allows you to easily switch into your next look. The main difference between tape-ins, sew-ins, and fusion extensions is how long they can last. Tape-ins can last for a shorter amount of time and offer a sleek, flat look versus hair extensions that were sewn in which can give off a thicker appearance.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions can be easily blended as strands that are fused and bonded together. They offer a long-lasting look and limit the potential damage that can be done to your natural hair. 

Most importantly, they provide different options making them versatile to be kept up with any look. You may not know but there are two types of fusion hair extensions that mainly differ due to how they are applied and installed. The two types are cold fusion hair extensions and hot fusion hair extensions. Fusion hair extensions consist of two different types: cold fusion extensions and hot fusion extensions. The difference between the two comes in based on how they are applied and installed.

Hot fusion hair extensions are best done by a professional who has experience in doing them. When done it is done using a heated tool. Cold fusion hair extensions, however, come already pre-tipped for proper application and to avoid using heat.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Hot fusion extensions are placed at the root of your natural hair along with the keratin tips by using a heated tool.

They’re installed as small bundles using a heated keratin adhesive. It’s possible you’d think that the process of applying hot fusion hair extensions could be problematic to your natural hair. However, the application method is gentle due to the keratin.

To make sure they’re properly installed and not going anywhere, a professional should be the one to get the job done. This is so they can properly shape the keratin with the hair. When this is done, the keratin will harden allowing the extensions to hold a long lasting bond and remain thoroughly attached.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

As you may tell by the name, cold fusion hair extensions don’t need heat to be installed which may make you think they are a better option over hot fusion hair extensions.

With the base of these extensions, there’s more flexibility for movement, feel and look which gives you the confidence to know it looks very natural especially since there’s no glue needed.

If you’re wondering how cold fusion hair extensions are applied, it’s simple! The ultrasound waves that turn into mechanical energy which vibrates forming a bond that becomes crystallized. In return, this bond is long lasting and completely invisible. Voila!

The Right Extensions For You

After learning about these varieties of hair extensions, there should be no guessing as to what is the best option for you. Whether you go for clip-in extensions, tape-ins, or fusion hair extensions, you’re guaranteed to rock a seamless look that is natural or can be easily mistaken as your natural hair. Who doesn’t love various options to look beautiful?

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