Incorporating a Pool Into Your Backyard Vision


Backyard pools have come a long way from basic concrete or vinyl rectangles filled with water. These days, it’s possible to customize almost every aspect of a pool from the shape to the color and more. That means, you no longer have to design your backyard around your pool. Rather, you can design your pool to fit in your vision of the perfect backyard aesthetic. 

Here are some ways you design your pool to fit seamlessly into your backyard vision.

Custom Design

If you’re putting in an inground pool, you’ll have almost unlimited options when it comes to customizing the design. You’ll be able to choose the tile, the size, the depth, and many more options. Putting in a new in-ground pool will, by far, give you the most control over how you can incorporate the pool into your backyard. However, there are lots of ways you can customize the look of an existing pool, or a new above-ground pool, too. In fact, there are many ways to retrofit existing pools to keep up with both new design trends and new equipment options


Adding stone or tilework to your pool area can take a pool from drab to fab in no time. Depending on the aesthetic you want, stone and tile work can add an element of luxury and a high-end feeling to any backyard. Best of all, stone and tile are extremely versatile and can be used to create a patio, walkways, planters, walls, and more. Incorporating stone and tile into your backyard design can really give your outdoor space the one-of-a-kind feeling you’re looking for.


If you prefer the warmth of wood over stone and tile, then adding a deck to your pool is a great option. Decks make great gathering places for friends and family, and adding different elements, such as a fire pit, can make the space usable in different seasons. Plus, decks are a great way to connect different areas of the yard and create a cohesive design that incorporates all the different elements of your backyard living space.

Add Flair

Details can make all the difference when it comes to a design, and that includes your pool area. After the major features are in, you can make the space really feel special by adding small details that make the space pop. This can include everything from cozy pillows to funky chairs to interesting decor and more. 


Lighting is one of the easiest and best ways to impact design. The right lighting can visually alter space and bring an entirely new element to the design. With backyard pools, there are numerous ways you can use light in your design.

  • Tiki torches and fire bowls are fun ways to add light and warmth to your design.
  • String lights around the space can make the area feel cozy and intimate after dark.
  • LED and color-changing lights can give the pool area more of a fun party vibe.

Adding the right lighting elements can make your pool area feel like a completely different place after dark. Lighting can also extend the amount of use you get out of the pool since it can be used both day and night.


The landscaping around your pool can help really transform it from a backyard pool to a resort-like escape. Landscaping can also serve a variety of purposes. Though the specific plants will depend on the climate where you live, there are lots of ways to use landscaping to improve your pool area.

  • Trees and bushes can be used for shade and privacy.
  • Some bushes and plants such as lavender and mint are great for keeping mosquitoes and other bugs away.
  • A huge variety of flowers and plants can be used to bring color and texture to space.
  • If you live in a dry or desert-type climate, drought-tolerant plants can be used to create interesting landscaping designs with low maintenance and water requirements.

Water Features

Adding water features to the pool or the backyard landscaping can help to tie the entire backyard together. Everything from backyard fountains to waterfalls, misters, and jets can add interesting elements to both the pool and the yard and serve as interesting visual focal points. Plus, flowing water can add a relaxing and meditative feeling to space.


Seating is another important element to incorporating a pool seamlessly into your backyard design. Depending on how much space you have, you may want to create different seating areas for different types of gatherings, such as a bar area, an area for sunbathing, a conversation area, and a dining area. One great new trend is to incorporate seating directly into the pool with loungers in the shallow end, or barstool-type seats in a swim-up bar. 


Integrating storage space into your backyard design is a great way to keep things tidy around the pool. Storage for putting away outdoor cushions in bad weather, as well as space to store pool accessories such as floaties, air mattresses, and more, will allow you to enjoy the pool without feeling like you’re constantly picking up pool toys.

Just like with the interior design of your home, there are many great ways to customize your pool. No matter how much space you have or what budget you’re working with, you can make changes to ensure your pool fits in perfectly with your backyard vision.

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