The Importance of Therapy During Your Golden Years


As you age, you may experience a variety of life-changing situations. Whether they are physical ailments or personal triumphs, stress can sometimes sneak up on you. Talking to a professional can help alleviate some of your inhibitions to move on with a big decision. Perhaps you are thinking of leaving the home you raised your family in for a retirement community. This next chapter in your life doesn’t have to be scary; it can be a great new adventure in your life. If you are facing a physical or mental obstacle, discussing it with a therapist can help you and loved ones plan for upcoming situations. Here are some reasons why therapy can benefit you and your loved ones during your golden years.

Physical Changes

Your body goes through some big changes as you approach your senior years. Everyday life may become more frustrating. Physically, you may find you aren’t able to exert yourself as you once did. A mental checkup can be just as important as a physical. A therapist can help you achieve obtainable goals for your age without sacrificing the activities you love. If you’re hesitant about finding the right professional for you, companies such as With Therapy can help. You are paired with a therapist specifically for your personal needs.

For example, as a former athlete, you may find getting older has taken a toll on your body. Conditions such as osteoporosis and back injuries may alert your doctor, who may wish for you to take precautions or change your routine. Former professional athletes may be at a greater risk of depression.  Past injuries, such as concussions, may play a role in this diagnosis. Having a team of doctors for your physical and mental health can help guide you to a healthy lifestyle.

Women and Depression

Women are more likely to become depressed as they get older. Physical changes such as menopause can be a factor. Hormones can be to blame among other life-altering situations. Women who have tried to have a family later in life may feel the clock is running out when they approach their 40s and 50s. A therapist can help get you on a regimen of medications to promote a healthy lifestyle that will increase endorphins, or “happy” hormones in your body. A therapist can use cognitive behavioral therapy, which can be beneficial. Keeping a journal to express your feelings and concerns may guide you and your doctor to find specific triggers causing your depression. With increasing stress, your physical health can be at risk as well. It can affect your brain activity and heart health. Cardiovascular issues, such as heart attacks, are the main cause of death in women in the nation.

Aging Parents

Seeing your parents age can also be a scary thought. Watching them go from caregiver to someone who needs care can be jarring for all parties.  You may need to look into finding comfortable care for a sick loved one, in a facility such as the in-home hospice care in Hanover, PA. Even under the best care, when people know they are being taken care of in the last few years of their life, it can impose a heavy emotional burden. With helpful sites such as With Therapy, you can search for a therapist who specializes in sessions revolving around aging parents.

Mobility can be difficult during the senior years; help can be a mouse click away. As an adult child who has a family of your own, it can be a hardship you may need to discuss with a professional. Other issues your aging parents might be facing can be dementia, sexual dysfunction, and even agitated, violent behavior. Mental health professionals who specialize in geriatrics are there to treat them so their golden years are as comfortable as they can be. It gives you peace of mind no matter where your parents reside they are getting the proper care they deserve.




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