Reliable Massage Machines for Foot spa


In the modern age, machines are cooperating with humanity in many activities. A foot spa is used to massage the feet. It’s a long soothing foot bath. The average healthy person can use it to do massage and the person suffering from a specific type of foot disease can also use it to relax their feet. Usually, foot massage takes a lot of time, but the foot spa helps in reducing the time taken. Foot spa helps in reducing pain, freedom from anxiety, promote blood circulation, and you can sleep well because it’s providing you with an efficient foot bath. Heated foot spas with their instruments are not much expensive, but there are varieties in foot spas, and you can select according to your desire.

Parts of Foot Spas:

A reliable foot massage machine has adorable characteristics. It has water jets and waterfalls that produce a stream of sparkling water. Best Foot spa has rollers as well as a wheel that assists in massaging the feet. Vibrates are the most significant part of foot spas machines their function is to support healthy blood circulation in the body. The last part is the heating element, and its purpose is to keeps the water revolving.

Essential features:

The most crucial factor in massaging is the heat. The water must be warm in foot spas because it’s the best way to provide a soothing effect on your muscles. It softens your feet quite effectively and also removes the dead skin from the feet and makes your feet clean and soft. The most important factor is heat in foot spa machines so you must check the quality of the heater of the device. The cheap foot spas do not have the right quality heater and cannot hold the temperature efficiently. You should be aware that all the foot spas do not have an internal heater, but you have to put warm water in it to massage your feet.

Functions of Foot spas:

The procedure of foot massage is simple. There is a long bowl in which feet are soaked; this deep bowl is called a foot bath. Several ingredients are present in it like salt, slightly warm water, essential oils, soap, detoxifying agents, moisturizing and nourishing creams and lotions, and several other parts that clean your feet.

The best foot spas have active bubbling and waterfall systems and also massaging jets that create water flow to massage the feet properly. Sprays also control the speed and stream of the water bubbles. Some machines allow you to adjust the angle of the jets accordingly and you can activate the number of planes how much you want to activate. Again the vibrate is here to enable the blood to flow through the veins and provides you with a calm and soothing effect. The dead skin from the feet can be removed by rollers, plastic wheels or pumice stones. It’s a physical method. In modern machines, roller or wheels are fixed inside the massage machine and can be powered and vibrate. The feet are rubbed against the vibrating rollers to exfoliate it. Some massage machines include pumice stones that can be removed.

Benefits of foot spa:

Foot spa is a powerful and effective method that gives satisfaction and calm to your whole body, including the brain. There are a lot of benefits of foot spas; these include:

  • Efficient Blood Circulation:

The blood flow is increased by foot spa. You can think about yourself and also for others because you feel so relaxed after a foot massage.

  • Stress Reliever:

Foot spa is considered a stress reliever. The best way to get relieved from tension is to massage the feet. The whole body gets relaxed, and you get rid of all the worries and anxieties of your surroundings.

  • Pain reliever:

Foot spa acts as a pain reliever, especially arthritic pain. Arthritic pain is the pain n muscles and joints. The joint pain can be relieved by a foot spa, so people usually massage the feet to ease the pain. The best timings for foot spa are morning and night time. The patients suffering from joint inflammation are treated with a foot spa. It uses seaweeds that help in reducing pain and stiffness in the ligaments.

  • Reduce Headache:

The nerves of the head found in the brain. When the feet are rubbed, it reduces stress between the nerves of the brain thus plays their role in relieving the headache.

  • Reduce acidity:

 The acidity and indigestion is a significant problem which can be reduced by foot spa. Foot spa aids in medical treatment.

  • Insomnia Treatment:

Foot spa relaxes your body and brain. It gives you an internal calm. You can sleep well after having a foot spa. Foot spa aids in treating insomnia by providing comfort to the brain.

  • Detoxification:

The foot massage also helps in detoxification as it helps in toxins removal efficiently. The toxic substances attached to the foot and the whole body can be removed by a foot spa. It also aids internally in the removal of toxins; for example, the liver and kidney can be detoxified. Foot spa helps in maintaining the pH of the body. It also keeps your skin glowing and remove acne and wrinkles from the surface.

Best Foot Spa:

1-     Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot spa:

Carepuetic foot spa is costly, but it’s the best choice ever. It can ozonate water. This foot spa is not the primary reason for its high ranking, but it’s adorable features and size makes it number one. The device consists of a large container filled with water. The level of water is slightly lower than the edge. The length of the tank is such that it can accommodate the large foot as well.

It consists of massage rollers that are connected by motors. The jets are found that are quite durable, adjustable, and strong. It has a bubbling water stream system. All of these instruments provide you with a powerful message. Its heating system is flexible from 96 to 118 degrees. This foot spa has a superior temperature and water balancing system. This condition is called a thermostat. You have to adjust the temperature of water according to the adjusted temperature of the system. This temperature adjustment takes only 10 minutes to fix. Other features include a drainage system that is connected by a button. You can also add oils or salt if you want.

2-     Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot spa:

This foot spa is not big and expensive as above, but it has a size that can adjust the large-sized feet easily. It can provide a lower leg and foot massage. Its features include a heating system that is tailored to only one temperature, i.e. 115 degrees. The motor does not connect the rollers present.  So you have to rub the feet physically against them. It lacks a waterfall and ozone system. You cannot add water, salts, or oil to the system.

It has two robust jet systems having two selectable speed units that make it able to rotate at high speed. Brookstone foot spa contains non-fixed pumice stone so they can be removed when needed. It is available at a low cost in markets and has a warranty of one year. It has a manual drainage system. Its size is 19. 15.6. 9.6 inches. The weight of this foot spa is 13 pounds.

3-     HoMedics FB-600 Foot spa:

This model of the foot spa mostly used in homes. Its cost is low and affordable. The temperature is adjustable at 98-degree centigrade. Its warm temperature cleans your feet and gives you a soothing effect. This foot spa contains plastic massage rollers that are not powered by the motor, so you have to rub your feet against them. The vibrating unit provides an efficient bubbling system and waterfall. This aids in relieving pain and relax your mind. Additional types of equipment include two dissimilar pumice stones, an extra roller, and a brush. This foot spa is not so tall and deep. You can dip the feet to your ankles. Plastic is used for its construction, light in weight, and can be handled and carried easily. This foot spa has a warranty of two years.


A foot spa is the best way to massage the feet and to get relaxed. Foot massage is beneficial externally as is the body and remove toxic materials from the body as well as internally by providing a soothing effect to the mind and relieves stress. A variety of foot spa is available in the market at a low price, but some are expensive too. Foot spa has adorable features; for example, it is in the form of an elongated bowl, having motorized rollers with an efficient vibrating system that gives a waterfall. Some foot spa lacks motorized rollers and contains pumice stones and allows rubbing the feet against these stones to massage the feet. The nerves of the brain lie in feet so massaging soothes the mind and you can get relief from all the tensions and worries of daily life. In short foot massage is the best way to calm your body.

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