The Cosplay Contact Lenses 101!

Lenses are definitely one of those things which began their journey as a tentative step. Gradually, however, their popularity began to grow as more and more people came to know about all the benefits to wearing lenses. It’s safe to say they have now taken the world by storm because they are being used extensively by a vast number of people in every corner of the world! And for good reason too!

Lenses can be worn by just about anyone and for any occasion. They are as good for office work as they are for sports! They are also highly sought after as Halloween contact lenses, to perfectly complete costumes.

While lenses are easy and convenient, there’s some basic information you need to equip yourself with before going on to using them.

Some things you should know about lenses

Lenses are great, there’s no doubt about that. If you’re a Halloween fan and want to completely embody the character you are planning to mimic, then lenses are also your only option. What else can you do to change your eye color after all?

So let’s go on to the more important factors:

  • Prior to making a decision to use contacts, visit a doctor. Lenses are easily available even online and it is simple to just purchase a pair for use. This isn’t an “extra” step, it’s something important. Countries like the U.S. have banned the sale of lenses without a prescription. Your eyes are an extremely sensitive organ and vision is a priceless gift. It should be treasured and protected.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Visiting a specialist prior to sticking something onto your eyeball is recommended as contrary to popular belief, lenses aren’t one size fits all. A qualified optometrist will be able to give precise measurements to determine what kind of lenses you should opt for.

Did you know that a lens that is too small can actually constrict blood flow?

  • Transparent lenses are used mainly for vision correction while the other kind, that is cosmetic lenses are also used for cosmetic purposes. Colored lenses have three types:
    • Those with a visibility tint which don’t really impart any color to your eyes. Their purpose is to make it easier for the wearer to spot lenses against a surface and basically just enhance ease of use.
    • The next type is lenses with an enhancement tint which do have an impact on the color of your eyes. Rather than completely masking the natural eye color, lenses with an enhancement tint simply “enhance” the natural eye color.
    • The last are opaque lenses. These are tailored to completely override your natural eye color and are available in a huge variety of colors and even patterns!
  • Both cosmetic lenses and transparent ones are available in a wide range of wear-times. Not all lenses can be worn for the entire day. Those that wish to use lenses for extended periods of time such as a day, two days, and so on would do well to opt for extended use varieties.Apart from this, there are also other options such as disposable lenses that are to be discarded after a single use, and others that can be reused for larger time periods such as six months. The choice is entirely up to the discretion of the wearer and whatever requirements he/she might have.

Maintaining a good relationship with your lenses!

An odd heading for sure! And why put these points separate from the others? This section will deal with the precautions that are essential to maintaining a healthy relationship with your lenses, and thus skirting all the nasty side effects such as scary infections!

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before using lenses or taking them off for storage later at night. This will prevent pesky bacteria and germs from coming into contact with your lenses and eyes, and stop them from setting up camp there too!
  • Opt for a multipurpose solution rather than simple saline for storing. Simple saline isn’t equipped to wash away germs. Multipurpose solutions on the other hand contain elements that help keep all the germs and bacteria at bay.
  • It is recommended that you use the rubbing method to remove any debris from your lenses. Solutions often boast a no-rub formula, that is to say, the claim is that all unwanted materials will be removed even without any rubbing. However, to be on the safe side rubbing lenses to remove unwanted materials should always be done.
  • Every time you handle your lenses, remove the solution and replace it with a fresh solution. The solution should always be at a level where the lenses are completely submerged. This will prevent them from drying out.

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