6 Tips to Design your Small Condos

Condos are the small units in a shared community which are owned by an individual homeowner. They can be temporary places to reside or sometimes it can be permanent.

The benefits of condo living are that you can style it in your own way the number of lights you want in your condo, the paint on the walls, furniture settings, and interior decorations. The way you style your condo conveys a lot about your personality, thoughts, and lifestyle. If you hire an expert to design the condo, you miss the chance to express yourself. What if his ideas contradict yours?

Everybody is not skilled in making the most of their small places, it needs interest, knowledge, unique ideas and knowing the right subcontractors and furniture makers who can make the job easy for you.

If you’re planning to move in a condo and don’t know how to maximize the available space, here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Maximize Space

Your small condo can look smaller if you load it with a handful of possessions. Ensure that you’re placing contemporary style furniture that isn’t taking a lot of space. Place a wall mirror in your bedroom, this will give a spacious look to your condo. Lines and forms on your floor and ceiling extend the look of the room and give you an airy feeling.

  1. Minimalism

If you’re designing with a theme, then go for the basic color palette – that gives a warm and cozy feeling. In this context, colors like white, pastel green, tea pink can work for you. Choose only one color for the whole condo, it should depict uniformity and the most desired feeling of sophistication.

  1. Kitchen Design

One of the creative ways to make your small condo look good is to customize it in a two-tone look which can be achieved in a minimal cost. Hidden integrated appliances reduce clutter and free up space. Dining tables in the kitchen consumes a lot of space and make it feel full. So, a good idea is to not include tables in the small-sized kitchen.

  1. Bathrooms

If you have a large bathtub, replace it with a shower stall to open up space. I did the same to manage space in my King West condos Toronto. Vanities in the bathrooms also take the space as condo bathrooms have a generic look. If the vanity is modern and huge, you can replace it with the simple one to refine the overall look of the bathroom.

  1. Lightning

A flash of good lightning can enlighten the dull, boring space. Since all the condos aren’t blessed with natural lightning. When you’re considering lightning your condo, think of the accent, low lights that create a soft mood. The lightning process should depend on the natural light and the blinds, shades, or curtains you have in your condo. Don’t forget to include the dim-lights for the movie session in your condo.

  1. Plants

If you’re a nature person, then avoiding plants in your condo isn’t a good deal. In your dining area, a weeping fig or the Chinese evergreen can be a pretty addition. Also, plants are a healthy choice as some of them combat pollutants and give a lush green look. In your bedroom, you can choose a snake plant. It adds tin giving a peaceful sleep.

Planning is Everything

The best thing about a condo is that it offers a plethora of ways to decorate your living. Be it the kitchen, room, dining area or the bathrooms. If you perform a little research before settling in your condo, you’ll get some great ideas to make it your best place to reside.

There are also condo themes available on the internet you can choose according to your personality. Condo designing not only helps in expressing yourself but also adds value to it. If you plan to sell out, the customize design of your condo can also increase the resale value. Good design will help you for selling condos in North York.

I hope by now you have a little idea to design your small condos in a way that it maximizes space and looks appealing to the eye. So, how about designing your condo yourself instead of hiring an expert for the job?

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