The Best Applications and Online Services for Students

If you Google “what are the best apps for students,” you will get about 431 million results in 0.47 seconds. If you Google “what are the best online services for students,” you will get about 9 million results in 0.62 seconds. These are a lot of results to choose from. And, some of them might not contain the information you need.

We at have curated a list of apps and online services that are suitable for students. Read on to discover the best study apps and online services that students can use.

The Charms of New Technologies for Students

Technology is ever-evolving. In contemporary society, many students are resorting to technology for their academic needs. The app market has a plethora of apps that offer superlative learning experiences. These apps also provide tools that make students more diligent and productive.

Because of new technologies, students have more pleasant writing experiences. This enables them to draft a perfect essay with ease. Students can also manage study-related material and writing assignments without difficulty.

New technologies have revolutionized the way students write. Because of technology, students can do their assignments with confidence. This is because apps and online services help students with their academic pursuits.

New technologies have enabled mobile app developers to release amazing writing software. These apps abolish the issues that many students and writers face. Many students find it uncomfortable to write and edit on their mobile phones. The latest writing apps enable students to write and edit on their phones. Currently, student applications occupy a substantial market share.

Custom Essay Writing Service

Custom essay cover page writing services assist high-school, college, and university students every day.  Modern students face many issues. Some students find it challenging to maintain a steady school/social balance. Some cannot attend regular classes and work at the same time. And, others cannot handle the plethora of assignments they have to complete.

Students who face these difficulties often seek help from online services. This is because online writing services provide academic help to struggling students.  Online writers are adept in writing well-formatted, well-researched, and error-free papers. They can also compose persuasive essays that fetch students their much-desired results.

Experts from Resumethatworks state that students who seek help from custom essay writing services benefit because:

  • It frees uptime
  • The writers deliver unique content
  • It allows you to think outside the box by expanding your ideas
  • The writers are knowledgeable in their field
  • The writers can help your GPA go up
  • Custom essay writing services are affordable

Applications that Correct Grammar Errors

Students in modern society are tasked with a lot of writing assignments. The level of your writing does not matter. An online application is a best and simplest tool to correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Word processors are not perfect when it comes to correcting grammatical errors. They do an excellent job of performing simple spell checks. But, they cannot find mistakes that extend beyond grammar. They do not examine syntax, sentence structure, or style.

There is a vast selection of online applications that check for grammatical errors. These applications do a great job of offering suggested corrections. An application like Grammarly, which is one of the best apps for college students, offers suggested corrections.

Many applications that correct grammar offer premium versions. The premium versions have more features and suggestions. If you are serious about your writing, you should consider a premium app. So, here are your choices for grammar tools:

  1. Grammarly
  2. Hemingway Editor
  3. Spell Checker Plus
  4. After The Deadline
  5. Online Correction
  6. Paper Rater
  7. Language Tool
  8. Ginger Grammar Checker
  9. Grammar Lookup
  10. Grammar Check

Services for Editing Documents in the Cloud

New technologies have facilitated the move toward paperless classrooms. Currently, Microsoft Office ranks first as one of the most useful apps for students. Microsoft is useful for writing, editing, and publishing. But, there are many alternatives. These alternatives offer many additional features that are not present in Microsoft Word. As such, they enhance users’ experiences.

This is the case when users need to work with or manipulate more than one document outside the standard capabilities Of Microsoft Word.  Additionally, some services introduce new features that make editing an enjoyable task. According to, the best services for editing on the cloud are:

  1. Google Docs
  • Integrated with Word
  • Others can work on the same document
  • Extensive range of formatting features
  1. Evernote
  • Easy collaboration
  • Wide range of app integrations
  • Processes handwritten notes
  1. WPS
  • Free
  • PDF manager
  • Wide range of features
  • Supports a vast array of file types
  1. Microsoft Teams
  • Impressive range of third-party integrations
  • Works zones are customizable
  1. Panda Doc
  • Easy to organize, manage, and reuse assets
  • Easy to use interface

Modern Platforms for Working with Documents

Modern platforms for working with documents have revolutionized how students write. These platforms provide an automated way of organizing, storing, and accessing documents. These platforms also enable you to search, retrieve and share files with others. All these benefits translate to productivity, efficiency, and time-saving.

In case you want to want a modern platform for working with documents, experts from finances online, suggest you use:

  1. M-Files
  • A plethora of management tools
  • Seamless document sharing
  • Allows you to search and retrieve documents
  • Allows you to organize your documents without having to remember versions and saved locations
  1. Noodle Intranet
  • Easy to use interface
  • Single sign-on
  • Shared documents
  1. Same Page
  • Collaborate with anyone
  • Affordable
  • Information about your project is all on one page
  • Keep all your documents in one location

All these are the benefits you will get when you resort to modern platforms for working with documents.


Technology has made the writing process easier for students. The apps discussed in this post are the best useful apps. The online services help students every day with their essay writing needs. So, if you are a student, try out one of these apps and get started on your way to writing error-free papers. You can also avail yourself help from a custom essay writing service if you are ill-equipped at writing persuasive essays.

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