How Parents Can Monitor Teens’ Phone without Them Knowing

Are you worried about the excessive mobile use of your teen? There is no secret that the unrestricted and unmonitored mobile use can expose your kids to bullying, child predation, sexting, pornography and many online crimes. Fortunately, there is an effective way to monitor kids’ mobile use without being annoying helicopter parents. The technologists have developed parental control and mobile monitoring apps to enable parents to keep tabs on the cell phone use of teens and tweens. Once you install the monitoring app on your kid’s phone, you can remotely and secretly witness activities performed on the monitored phone without letting your kid know. This article discusses how parents can monitor their kids’ mobile activities using monitoring app.

Role of Cell Phone Spy App in Child Monitoring

There is no need to know the passcode of your kid’s mobile to check out your teen’s activities. The cell phone monitoring app keeps parents updated about every single activity of their kids. From messages and phone calls to internet usage, you can keep track of almost every online and offline activity of your children. The phone spy app helps protect kids from cyber-harassment and potential dangers of the online and offline world.

How to Monitor Teens’ Mobile Phones

Download and install the mobile spy app on the smartphone of your kid to keep track of cell phone activities without physical access. After installation and activation, the app syncs important phone data including messages, voice calls, call logs, contacts, photos, videos, and internet browsing history. The monitoring app uploads this data to the online portal from where parents can access it. Given are the main features of TheOneSpy mobile tracking app that enable parents to monitor teens’ mobile phones.

Monitor Messages

Are you annoying of your kid’s unusual texting behavior? Using the mobile monitoring app, parents can keep track of every message sent and received by their teens. The app automatically creates an online backup of incoming and outgoing text, multimedia, and instant messages, uploads these messages to the online portal. By signing into the online portal of the tracking app, parents can read these chats and get the contact information of communicators.

Monitor Phone Calls

You can listen to the phone calls received and made by your kids by getting all incoming and outgoing phone calls recorded with the help of a spy app. The app automatically and secretly records calls and uploads to the web portal. It also provides contact detail of callers and recipients by syncing call logs.

Monitor Social Media Apps

Social media plays a significant role in teens’ lives where they spend around 9 hours a day. With the help of the cell phone tracker app, parents can supervise activities performed on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Line, IMO, Tumblr, Telegram, Tinder, Hike, Hangout, and many other social and instant messengers. You can supervise chats made via these social messengers. Also, you can secretly monitor posts, media-sharing, friend-list and more.

Monitor Internet Browsing History

It is highly important to make sure that your kids do not expose to adult-oriented, sexually explicit, and violence-related content on the internet. Parents can monitor the internet use of their teens by getting access to their phone’s internet browsing history. The spy app for android syncs and uploads the internet browsing history of Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and commonly used internet browsers to the web portal of the spy app.

Monitor Photos & Videos

The Android monitoring app allows parents to sneak into the phone gallery of their teens without knowing the passcode. The app creates an online backup of all photos, videos, and voice recordings to help parents review media files stored on their kids’ phones. You can see what your teens have captured and what they have downloaded from the internet or received from any other source.

Record Screen in Real-Time

If you want to see what your kid is doing on his mobile at present time, you can send commands for screen recording or screenshots to capture whatever appears on the mobile screen. The spy app secretly makes a video or takes screenshots of mobile activities and uploads them to the web portal.

That is not all. You can also monitor the real-life activities of your teens by remotely operating their mobile cameras and microphone. Let you know about Spy App visit TheOneSpy review.

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