Ahavel Aborishade Shares 7 Ways Independent Travel Makes You a More Effective Entrepreneur

Talent, drive, and ambition are the cornerstones of a dynamic entrepreneurial career; however, entrepreneurs aren’t born fully developed and ready for the business fray. Successful business people need to take full advantage of the lessons life teaches to be able to apply them to their business career. Independent travel is one of the most intense sources of life experience, and here, successful California businesswoman Ahavel Aborishade shares seven important ways it can benefit an aspiring entrepreneur.

1) Greater Resilience

Independent travel presents many challenges, from language barriers and cultural confusions to physical discomforts. You’ll need to make your way around a country without access to familiar services and reliable support structures.

Facing and overcoming the difficulties you meet will build your resilience and prepare you for when times get tough in business.

2) Better People Skills

Although there’s a romantic notion of the entrepreneur as a lone-wolf operator, business is all about networking and getting along well with others.

When you’re traveling, you’ll meet a variety of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Learning to communicate effectively with everyone you meet will give you an excellent business advantage later on.

3) Broader Horizons

Exploring foreign countries opens your eyes to the ways in which life differs across the world. You’ll see familiar situations being approached in new ways, and you’ll notice how even mundane tasks can vary dramatically from culture to culture.

This experience will broaden your horizons and help you open your mind to new and innovative ways of conducting business when you return.

4) Better Money Management

When you’re traveling on a tight budget in an unfamiliar country, every dollar counts. You’ll acquire instinctive money management skills, which will transfer directly into an entrepreneurial setting.

5) More Confident Decision Making

When you’re alone in a foreign land, you need to make immediate decisions about every aspect of your journey. This quick-thinking process will teach you how to be more decisive and confident in your choices, leading to a more dynamic attitude in your business life.

6) Improved Time Management

You can’t afford to miss your connections when traveling in exotic territories. Time management is essential for successful travel; additionally, developing this skill will raise your productivity levels in all aspects of your life, including managing your business.

7) Develop Lasting Curiosity

Lastly, once you’ve picked up the travel bug it’s very difficult to shake it off. Experienced travelers are always curious and ready to try new things, and if there’s one vital quality for entrepreneurship, it’s a sense of innovation and adventure.

Ahavel Aborishade firmly believes that independent travel opens your mind and builds your character. If you make full use of the lessons you learn and apply them to your future entrepreneurial career, your journey of discovery will never truly be over.

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