Spring Plant Care Guide: Let Them Grow Naturally

After the winter dormancy, the season of Spring arrives with the promise of new life. Spring summons longer and brighter days, and with them, the plants begin to awake and grow. It’s the season of growth and joy. Nature rejoices with green plants and colourful blooms. If your plant hasn’t shown any signs of new growth, fret not! Spring is the time to prepare them as a new life awaits them.

If you have bought indoor plants online in the winter season, and you thought they were nearly dead, then follow these tips to revive them. These are easy and effective care tips for indoor plants. 

1 Fertilize Them: During the season of cold and frost, many plants go dormant. This is the reason that gardeners do not witness new growth of the plant, thus assuming them to have become lifeless. Once spring season comes, the plants begin to awake from dormancy and are hungry, just like us. Spring is the conducive time to feed your plants. Fertilize the plants with organic fertilizers. Nourish and Nurture them so that they become lively once again. Be cautious, do not over-fertilize as it can alter the soil, make the roots dry, etc. 

2 Consider Repotting Them: During the springtime, consider repotting. The plants will benefit from repotting as the roots can grow again because they are being fed. Either you can repot them in the same pot by just changing the soil, or you can move them to large planters. Some of the indoor plant varieties flourish at great speed during the Spring. Before repotting the plant, always read the care tips and instructions that come along with indoor plants online because your plant may like to have compressed roots.

3 Prune Them: Like you need a haircut, so does your plant.  Winter season can be harsh and rough on your plants. As sunlight is less and chlorophyll is not produced, over time, the green fades, and yellow carotene remains. Low temperature also destroys chlorophyll and the cold winter nights quicken the yellowing of the leaves. Spring brings along bright and sunny days, so prune and trim your plants. Give them a good haircut, so that they grow.

4 Do Spring Cleaning: Spring cleaning means cleaning the leaves as you do flossing. And you should do it often. Wipe the dust off the leaves so that they grace you with their green beauty. Cleaning the leaves also helps in better photosynthesize. You can clean the leaves with a damp cloth. Do not use oils or polishes on leaves as they block the pores. 

5 Witness New Growth: As you complete the steps mentioned above, watch the plants blossom. Spring and summers are a rewarding time for indoor plants. Take good care of your plants and they will benefit you. 

That’s all from us. If you are interested in adding some more beauties to your collection, then you can go for choices like Peace Lily, Boston Fern, Snake Plant, etc. 

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