Small Businesses In Boston Strike By Pandemic

If you are looking for one of the major cities in the United States whose small businesses are yet to win-back on the COVID-19 pandemic, Boston is your call. 

According to Harvard researchers, 44% of small businesses in Boston have been closed down due to the pandemic. And, frankly speaking, that’s a radical change that would continue speaking years to come.

The first COVID-19 cases in Boston was confirmed on February 1, 2020, and by March 21, over a hundred cases have been recorded. And, this prompted the sudden call of emergency by Governor Charlie Baker.

Unfortunately, small businesses in the city had to suffer for this line of action. Most importantly, retail stores and restaurants were given restrictions on the number of people to allow inside the shop at a time.

It does not end there, as the limited business hours given to these small businesses were not in any way favorable to them. Also, these small businesses lost many of their workers and customers to the pandemic.

To top it off, people changed their game during the period of the crisis and switched to buying necessities from well-to-do and recognized brands online, hereby ignoring the small stores in the physical world. 

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