CDC Tells Americans to Stay Off Mexico

Planning a Christmas trip to Cancun, Mexico, this season? Hear what the CDC has to say. 

On the 21st November 2020, the Center fit Disease Control and Prevention announced to the public that Mexico is at level 4 of the risk level for the COVID-19 pandemic. What this means is that Mexico is currently the number 4 country with the highest death rate of the Coronavirus.

And by all indications, traveling to Mexico would only increase your chances of been infected and spreading the virus to others.

Yes, Mexico is an ideal place for Americans to calm their nerves this season as well as enjoy the warm climate with beautiful sights. Sadly, COVID-19 is spreading like a wide fire in the country, and CDC is calling on all Americans to avoid any of whatsoever to the country.

According to the head of WHO, Mexico is in a bad condition as its COVID-19 cases, and the death toll is on the increase.

If you must travel to Mexico, you should talk about it first to your doctor so as to know your state of health if you are at higher risk of contracting the virus. 

Here’s the point. Try as much as you can to stay off Mexico. 

Good luck!

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