How to prevent illness while traveling

The common sayings like life is better in flip flops and the ideology that the best ideas are found while taking in a break keeps the need for a vacation quite relevant. And without much guesswork, most vacations come along with traveling.

Still, there is the other group of people whose job activities require much movement either by air, road, or water.

Well, as much as the typical end fruits of traveling are likely to be fulfilling, at times, it may go wayward and pose some health issues.  Needless to say, you are likely not to reap much from your destination.

This type of illness is called motion sickness, whose symptoms are likely to be nausea, vomiting, sweating, drowsiness, or general discomfort.

What’s the cause? Do you Know?

Motion sickness is mainly caused by the conflicting messages received by the brain.  When we intentionally move, the motion is controlled by the brain. However, when in a vehicle (assuming you are not looking outside), the body fluid in the ear can sense the motion, yet, the eyes have a static view.

Consequently, the two sense organs will send conflicting messages to the brain, which is the leading cause of motion sickness.

How can it be prevented?

How to prevent illness while traveling :

There are two main stages of preventing sickness while traveling. That is before the journey and after the journey. We will discuss them all.

1. Get prepared!

Our bodies are not good at perceiving and responding to drastic changes. Correspondingly, earlier preparation before traveling will secure your health.

How do you prepare? The preparation should take at least two days before the journey.

Ensure you get enough sleep of at least 8 hours and drink a lot of fluids.

Still, it will do you good to take any needed vaccination in time.

2. Eat a balanced diet

What do I mean? It is your vacation a chance to eat anything- you say. Well, as much as that is true, I fear for your health.

Your body is experiencing a lot of adjustments keeping its immunity at risk. Hence, a balanced diet is essential.

3. Drink water! Drink clean water!

Keeping your body hydrated before and when you get to the destination is of great importance.  Not any water, though, but clean water. Specifically, avoid tapped water, especially in the new environment, and consider bottled water.

4. Take keen on food contamination

Street foods are most people’s favorite. That is likely to cause most of us to overlook good hygiene.

Is the food fresh? How are cooking environments? Lastly, is the person handling the food observing hygiene? Don’t! I say don’t compromise on those questions else, you are risking diarrhea and vomiting.

5. Be strategic when trying new foods

You are likely to be lured to try out new dishes as long as they meet your taste. However, that is likely to cause stomach upset and result in stomach pains, heartburn, or cramps.


Diving right into a set of whole news foods meets the gut system unprepared.  Consequently, the digestive system gets irritated, which leads to poor digestion.

6. Get up periodically

Being in a still position for an extended period can result in backaches or, worse, blood clots.

To avoid that, if you are in a flight or vehicle ride, you can periodically stretch your legs and, if possible, your hands too.

7. No grog in the plane 

The temptation to kick off the flight with an alcoholic drink is likely to overwhelm. However, that may cause dehydration or leave sleep-deprived. Resultantly, keeping your immunity at a breeze.

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