Signs You Need To Repair Your Air Conditioning Unit

It’s not okay to have a broken-down air conditioning unit in summer, or any time of the year, for that matter.

So, you have to make sure your AC unit is working in prime condition. Here, we listed the most common signs you need to repair your air conditioning unit.

Unusual Sounds

One telltale sign that you need to have your AC checked by experts is the grinding, screeching, or other unusual sounds you hear from your unit.

These sounds may indicate broken motors, misaligned parts, or other more serious damages.

Hot Air

If your AC unit is blowing hot air, whether it’s a window unit or centralized, you should contact an HVAC expert right away.

Hot air might indicate broken compressors or a refrigerant leak, which is among the most common AC problems.

Moisture or Water Leak

Moisture or condensation doesn’t necessarily mean trouble for your AC. However, if you’re seeing leaks where there shouldn’t be any, call your AC maintenance and tune-up expert.

Leaks may mean broken or blocked tubes, which could lead to more serious problems, like refrigerant leaks.

Unpleasant Odors

Don’t ever think that strong, foul odors coming from your AC are normal. They’re not. You should be careful when you smell the following:

  • Skunk-like odor – this could mean a gas leak or pest infiltration
  • Gun powder odor – this could mean burnt wires, a problem with the fan motor, or a damaged circuit board
  • Moldy smell – this could mean the development of mold due to leaks and too much moisture

If you smell any of these, call your HVAC guy right away. Remember that refrigerant poisoning can occur if you inhale harmful chemicals from gas leaks.

Poor Airflow

Insufficient airflow often means your AC unit needs checking. It might signal a blockage, which prevents air from moving through. Other times, it could mean a clogged air filter or broken motor.


If your AC unit cannot keep humidity at comfortable levels, it may be time to get in touch with your AC repair guys.

You might have to ask them to recalibrate your AC system. You might even have to consider a dehumidifier for the whole house.

Higher Bills

If your energy bills have gone up significantly and you suspect your AC is to blame, better be sure and have it checked.

Higher electricity bills might mean your system is working harder than usual, so it consumes more energy.

Too Frequent Cycles

Your air conditioning system should have regular cooling cycles, regardless of the weather.

Although it’s possible to have more cycles during hot seasons, it’s not normal to see the unit go on and off too frequently. A tune-up may be necessary, or you may have to buy a new AC unit.

AC Maintenance and Tune-Up

These signs often indicate more worrisome problems lurking inside your unit. And the best way to fix these problems is to act fast and perform tune-ups as early as possible. Find someone reputable to do AC tune up in Houston if you think your air conditioning system needs maintenance. Or check your AC regularly even if you fail to notice any of these signs.

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