Sales Territory Mapping In 2019

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Sales territory mapping is essential and is the most crucial part of sales. Without this vital part, the sales business is bound to fail and flop. Having proper territory management and a stable territory mapping software would eventually result in good sales.

With regards to having a sales territory mapping software, the essential tips would help you improve its use. Also, you would need to get to know how these software work. We have drilled down these tips to help you out in your journey to success.

What Is Sales Territory Mapping?

Some might be wondering what exactly is a sales territory mapping, and how does it work. Well, sales territory mapping is your magic wand in creating the best action plan for your sales team.

With sales territory mapping, you can:

  • Allocate tasks to your sales rep and certain areas
  • Keep track of your sales reps activities
  • Keep track of where your sales reps are
  • Map the location where your salespeople are going to work in

In this sense, you can make sure that there is no overlap in territory allocation. And your experts would not have any arguments over which sales are theirs.

Sales Territory Mapping the Old Way

In the old days, you would have to sit down with all your salespeople and go over the map. With this, you also have to outline the specific areas they will work. And worse, distribute these areas to all of them. The old way of analysis was impractical and time-consuming.

In a large scale of areas, you won’t have many ways of identifying individual sales prospects. In this sense, you won’t determine the fairness in distribution among your sales reps. In the old way, it was always based per region and never prospects.

The old ways led to friction among sales reps over who got what. Anyone might get any location full of leads, while another could get less or worse nothing. Now, sales territory mapping should not be this hard right?

With the use of innovative technology, a sales territory mapping software is now available to help you. The software would help you lower sales costs, improve the morale of your sales rep, and sell far while cutting travel time. You can find a lot of services online regarding sales territory mapping. Opt to visit website which offers such services.

Smart Way of Doing It

With the help of a sales territory map software, the process would be a pain-free and seamless experience. Here is how:

Optimize Way Planning

It has been considered an independent process for many years, and the process was then confusing and time-consuming. The sales territory map software is a general sales mapping solution.

With the use of this software, you can make both route planning and territory optimization process more manageable. The software would give you the option to use either Waze or Google maps- to get real-time traffic data reports and visualization.

Easily Track Your Sales Expert

There will always be sales expert that would venture out their territories and poach leads somewhere else right? It always leads to a fight. Have it deliberate or not, it doesn’t matter anyway. With software for a sales territory, you can be assured that your experts stay with their assigned areas.

In addition, you can easily change or swap your sales experts schedule whenever they have a lead to pursue. With this, your sales territory map works not just accurately but also dynamically.

Reallocate Lead and Areas Abruptly

Even with the help of your sales team, there will always be a mismatch in your sales plans, which are unavoidable. For example, if your sales experts that do not perform your expectations, you can try reallocating the expert to a different location.

In this sense, you would need to interchange your whole plan, but with a sales territory map software, you can easily do this. You can single out underperforming experts and create battle plans, adjust sales plan, and such accordingly.

Adaptability In Changes in the Market

It is a never-ending process to manage and align the sales territory map. It is essential to take note of all your sales territories and leads regularly. With this, you need to be aware of the changes in the market that would affect your business.

Without this, you would be stuck with leads that will never be converted. Your business would miss out market revenue that pops out now and then. A sales territory software would also update your data regularly, and you would know where the best opportunities lie.

Boost Team Performance

In the territory mapping process, it would be best to include your sales team. Why? Well, remember that they are the ones who are out in the field. Thus, their solutions and insights will undoubtedly be helpful. The more involved your sales team, the happier they’ll be, and the better they’ll perform.


Sales territory management is vital to your business, and investing in one will help you gain more and better. With the help of the innovation of technology, there is no doubt that your sales plan will be as painless and smooth as possible.

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