How to Choose a Best Mattress for Back Pain

The sedentary lifestyle, recurrent and restrictive physical activity, or persistent and long-lasting effects – There are many reasons for violent and painful back pain. You may not be aware as long as it does not cause serious consequences and requires you to use the most radical method, but it is best to treat your back early. The orthopedic mattress is another simple means of preventing back problems. It also prevents the development of the disease. But having such a “tool” in a magical way does not eliminate all problems and sometimes aggravates what already exists. Therefore, with all the responsibility, it is necessary to choose the best mattress for back pain that will help to overcome it.

Orthopedic Mattress:

Orthopedic mattresses are individually selected medical devices for each case, accurately reproducing human anatomical features. But having orthopedic properties, so-called orthopedics, will not be a mattress, but only a correct choice, depending on the physical parameters of the person, his weight, his height and the nature of the disease. The most important function of a mattress with orthopedic properties is to keep the spine in a natural position during sleep, regardless of the position accepted. With this mattress, you can relieve tension and relax your back muscles completely. The morning of my sleep on an orthopedic mattress, there was no “numbness” or unexpected back pain. It differs from traditional mattresses mainly by its useful properties and the use of more modern technologies.

Features of Orthopedic Mattresses:

  • Associated springs – The frame is an additional spring.
  • Independent spring – all springs are separated from each other in a special coating.
  • No spring – consists of special materials at different levels.

Orthopedic mattresses relieve chronic fatigue and help prevent back problems. On such a mattress, some people will feel more comfortable, eat less, sleepless, and everything will be fine. Therefore, a good mood throughout the day depends on the correct choice of mattress.

What to choose if you’re Back Hurts?

Now, back pain is of different types. So, for different pains, there are different types of mattresses which you can choose.

Pain in the Lower Back, Neck

In most cases, this symptom means that the person is sleeping on the wrong mattress. It may be a mattress too soft or too hard to leave your back in an uncomfortable and unnatural position during sleep.

In this case, they recommend a mattress of moderate hardness. They are both spring and desperate.

Polyurethane, latex is used as a filler, but the most basic is coir.


Spinal curvature is a very dangerous disease that can develop gradually and have dangerous consequences.

In this case, the soft mattress is the contrast.

A medium hardness mattress must be purchased. There are models and models without feathers, but for scoliosis, a more elastic mattress with a separate spring is best, folded only where the weight is. This is especially true for dual versions. It is also possible to use a double-sided mattress with different stiffness.

If the disease is at an early stage, it is very appropriate to use a semi-rigid mattress with padding latex or coir. In cases where scoliosis has reached 3-4 stages, a coconut fiber mattress with increased hardness and a layer of soft and elastic latex should be used.


The pinched nerve can cause a very strong pain affecting a person’s complete lifestyle, not just his bed.

Banning sleeping on a hard mattress or in a “back” position can result in unnecessary stress, which can only lead to increased complications and pain.

In this case, the use of a double-sided mattress on one side is soft and moderately hard on the other, because the mattress should not exert too much pressure on the back. Under normal circumstances, they usually sleep on the soft side, and as the disease worsens, it is necessary to turn to the more difficult side.

Material – artificial latex or coconut fiber. A good choice is a double-sided spring-less mattress multilayer.


Back pain associated with this disease is especially unpleasant. It is therefore important to ensure the natural position of the back as comfortably as possible and to completely relax the muscles.

In this case, the soft and fluffy mattress is in stark contrast. It is not recommended to sleep on your stomach.

In this case, the mattress requires moderate hardness.

The mattress is preferably a separate spring block where the load is coconut fiber or latex. In such mattresses, there is usually an intermediate layer, also filled with latex, or a special polyurethane foam also called “memory” material, that is, where one remembers the lie.


Low back pain is not a disease but a pain syndrome that occurs when you move or lift weight suddenly. The cause of low back pain is usually tension.

  • Contraindications are where the position is “on the stomach” or a pillow high.
  • Filler – Latex, ‘Memorial’ or orthopedic foam.
  • A correct posture is around him

In this case, a mattress with an average hardness is recommended.

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