9 ways to find your dream home


Some people just bump into it, but in most cases, it takes some time to find your dream house. And that is a good thing because if you put a little more time and energy into it, you are sure that you are really in the right place. And besides; what could be more fun than fantasizing about your ultimate dream house and peek in at potential homes? Do you want to make your search a success? Then start with the following steps.

1. Estimate your housing requirements

With a clear wish list, you can search a lot easier. Is a garden a requirement, for example? By mapping your wishes, you can filter better. Also, take a critical look at your wish list and set your priorities. Is it so crucial that your house has a fireplace or a luxury bath? Many things that are on your wish list you can probably adjust yourself after purchase. Do not stare blindly at what a house is now, but look at its potential.

2. Think about your future

When you start your search for your perfect home, you better think about the future. Where you see yourself in five years can be a good benchmark. Are you planning to settle down immediately? Where do you want to see your children grow up? Choosing a safe harbor is no problem. If your needs are different later on, you can still change your mind.

3. Do a test run

To see if your wish list is entirely correct, you should actually do the live test of a house that meets your requirements. Airbnb or a home exchange is ideal for this. Find a house that meets your needs, and spend the weekend there. This way, you might discover new wishes, while others can be crossed out. Moreover, you will have a lovely weekend away!

4. How much space do you need?

Family expansion is closely linked to a future-oriented vision. Do you want children later? Then you can already look at a home with multiple bedrooms. If that doesn’t fall within the budget, for the time being, you can look at houses where new rooms can be made later.

5. Choose the building type

If you know in advance what kind of home you want, you can already rule out a whole lot of offers. That provides a better overview so that you can start looking for that particular farmhouse, apartment, or spacious villa.

6. Dive into finances

To avoid disappointment, it is useful to know what amount of money you can borrow. That way, you know for sure that your dream house fits within your budget.

7. Concentrate on “Home”

A lot of people look at the resale value of a future home. For example, a house to be renovated to resell immediately seems interesting. This itself isn’t wrong, but don’t view your new house as an investment. In the first place, it must be a ‘home’ where you and your family want to feel at home.

8. Go neighborhoods

No matter how important the house is to you, look carefully at the surrounding area. Are you looking for peace, or do you want to live in a vibrant environment among the many shops, bars, and restaurants? Do you need public transport and do you want a bus stop nearby? These are all elements which you should all know in advance. Visit the area on different days and times and get to know it. That way, you will know if you really want to live there. If you need some inspiration about a beautiful neighborhood, visit the real estate in Sea Pines by The Pattisall Group.

9. Now it starts

Negotiations have been done, the mortgage has been taken out and the For Sale sign is out of the garden. Now when your dream house is a reality, the best part will come; make the home entirely your own.




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