Patna and Ranchi: One of the top investment destinations for NRI’s in Northern India

Patna, India has been one of the most ancient cities in history with a rich historical and cultural heritage. It had been capital to ancient Indian kingdoms, and despite many prejudices that surround the state of Bihar, it is one of the most rapidly developing states in India.

Patna, India was the center of learning since ancient times and even today Bihar poses to be one of the foremost states from where political and educational patrons, as well as Civil services officers, are chosen in bureaucratic positions to govern the country. People living in Patna, Bihar has seen drastic changes that have been brought about within the city since the start of these millennia.

Why Patna, India can be one of the best real investment deals among the smart cities in India?

I being an NRI who belongs from Patna, India have been living in the USA since the last 10 years have witnessed this development, growth, and progress of the city that I was born in. There has been metro project announced in Patna which is one of the busiest industrial belts in mid-northern part of India, as well as the rise of numerous educational institutes which has increased the movement of migrants from the towns and suburbs of the state to the state capital which is Patna, India.

The announcement of Patna, India being turned into a smart city with the shift of the working population to the city due to the rise in industrialization and commercialization has brought in real estate investment opportunities with it. Developers have been hoarding the city with real estate projects and investments to make use of this opportunity of a growing market so that they can provide homes to the migrant industry workers in Patna.

Patna has been providing a lot of real estate options for NRIs like ready to move flats in Patna which have all the amenities that are required for a luxury lifestyle in the heart of the city with great commute availabilities as well as near the commercial and industrial area of the city. These ready to move in flats in Patna that are being developed by developers for the elite of the city can be easily acquired by NRI’s like us who are interested in buying ready to move in flats in Patna.

These ready to move in flats in Patna are being given at throwaway prices as of now, which can be evaluated to be double within a short period due to the rapid increase in demand for ready to move in flats in Patna. The demand is not only for NRI candidates who want to live in Patna but the increase in per capita income of the state has seen a rise in demand of these luxury flats to have increased within the local Indian population who want to reside in Patna for the lifestyle and rapid industrialization that it is going through.

Why Ranchi, India is the best destination for real estate investment in Jharkhand?

Ranchi, India is the capitalcity of the state of Jharkhand. It merely existed while Jharkhand and Bihar were not separate, but as soon as it was made the capital of one of the richest states with vast natural resources, that is Jharkhand, its fortune turned.

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand, which is one of the newly formed states of India in the 1990s that has seen rapid industrialization after the beginning of the new millennia. Jharkhand has been a state with huge natural deposits and therefore Ranchi, India saw rapid industrialization and development after the new millennia.

Ranchi, India is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country which has seen a rise in the number of the migrant population over the last decade due to the new avenues and opportunities of industrialization and business that have opened in the state of Jharkhand after its division.

Many NRIs have invested in business and industries in Ranchi, India which has been also announced to be a smart city by the central government. This rapid development and availability of huge lands in the city have led to rapid industrial and commercial growth which indirectly leads to real estate growth.

Due to the huge influx of migrants from other states as well as due to the business opportunities NRI’s have been looking for a house for sale in Ranchi which is available also at throwaway prices as of now. After seeing the Indian Cricket team captain, MS Dhoni’s farmhouse there has been an uproar of demand for farmhouse for sale in Ranchi due to the huge viability of land in the city and its outskirts. House for sale in Ranchi is also a very good investment opportunity as well as a living opportunity as I have invested in such properties. Thereis an evaluation that these houses for sale in Ranchi will become very expensive properties in some years due to the increasing demand.

I have been very fortunate to have found this website a few months back, which helped me to search for ready to move in flats in Patna and the houses for sale in Ranchi all while not even traveling to India from the USA. These properties were available at which has a huge inventory and features at its disposal. boasts a range of features for NRI buyers or real investors like us to find the best luxurious and affordable property of our choice in Tier-II cities, and soon to become smart cities, like that of Patna and Ranchi. Some features like:

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