Dwarka, New Delhi, India: the new hotspot in the national capital for NRI’s to live in


India is one of the top countries whose citizens reside all over the world and have made a place and identity for themselves overseas in foreign nations. Despite the fact, we NRI’s always loved to return to our homeland for the love we have for our nation as well as the loved ones we have left behind in our country of origin.

Delhi, India has a huge number of NRI’s who are living abroad and want to return almost every year to discover their nation from a new perspective as well as meet our loved ones and relatives who live here. Even though if the NRI’s are not from Delhi, but the lifestyle and the advancement that our national capital has made, draws our attention towards a well-spent time, however short it may be towards the city.

Why choose Delhi, India over other metropolitans to invest in real estate?

Delhi has made great progress in the last decade and has been transformed. Even though one might hear some negative comments regarding the air quality of the city, but it lasts only two months during the months of October-November in Diwali. Delhi has provided its citizens with magnanimous facilities like free Wi-Fi for the whole city, lesser electricity bills, lesser water bills and the problems about water supply have been cleared up to a large extent. This has provided the real estate sector with a huge boost to start investing humongous sums of money in luxury living projects especially in Dwarka, New Delhi area.

Some of the best flats for rent in Dwarka; New Delhi is available to be taken for any amount of time you want. The flats were designed specifically for luxury living and meant for NRI’s like us to live as a rented house in Delhi whenever we visit the city.

Delhi has the maximum number of top educational institutes when compared to other metropolitans of the country and is also one of the reasons why I chose to take up a rented house in Delhi, near the Dwarka area. Delhi is not only developing its educational acumen but also has been one of the top priority cities for industrialization and IT hub. This has made New Delhi, India one of themost migrated cities in India.

Many Delhite’s and non-Delhite’s as well, prefer to live or rent a house in Delhi because they like to visit Delhi every year to their loved ones but it becomes a little uncomfortable whenever you overstay your visit at a relative’s house. Although one of the prime reasons of staying in flats for rent in Dwarka region is that the luxury flats available over there reflects the modern lifestyle with all amenities that world-class five-star luxury hotels can offer you at a house of your own while living in well-protected gated communities.

NRI’s like me have even bought flats in Dwarka, New Delhi which I rent out as flats for rent in Dwarka as an investment so that I can earn my returns from the rents, as rent house in Delhi could also fetch you a quite good return on investment too.

People who have migrated to Delhi always need a place to stay at first as searching for flats to take time, and 2-3 BHK flats for rent in Dwarka could easilyfetch you 15,000-30,000 INR per month as rent.

How did I end up investing in flats for rent in Dwarka?

Even a few years ago it was quite difficult to own a property in New Delhi, India especially if you are an NRI. There were huge chances of being sucked into a fraudulent broker or developer or scammer. I, an NRI from Dubai wanted to invest in a rented house in Delhi but due to such instances had to back out of such plans immediately as I did not want my investment to go to waste. One of the other reasons for not investing in flats for rent in Dwarka was the lack of connections as well as time for investing in house hunting in Delhi. But a year ago came across this amazing website called Housing.com. At first, I had my doubts regarding real estate websites as most of them were never useful enough as the listed properties were mostly by brokers who used to charge huge sums of money whenever they came to know that I’m an NRI.

Housing.com was very different from those websites, to be frank as it was very genuine and had options of identifying properties which were listed separately by brokers, direct owners as well as developers themselves. When I started using Housing.com, I came to identify the huge number of features it boasted like:

  • It had separate listings according to places like flats for rents in the Dwarka regionwhilealso listing the benefits of the flats like they had a good commute, nightlife, etc.
  • com provides features like rent houses in Delhi, as well as houses for sale in Delhi, India. This gave me double benefits as on one hand, I could buy properties while on the other hand, I could provide rent houses in Delhi through the same website.
  • The website had options like RERA compliance, which is regulation for developers that protect buyers from frauds and scams. Housing.com provides features like 2,3,4,5 BHK’s while searching for flat as well as the number of bathrooms.
  • com provides listing for not only flats for rent in Dwarka, Delhi, but independent rent houses in Delhi, penthouses, duplex, independent floor houses, villas as well for sale as well.
  • com has features like choosing the face of direction of the properties too and many other features.

I was able to invest in real estate in Delhi, India while sitting at my home in Dubai without the chances of any fraud or scam. I hope my experience would further help many other NRI buyers like me who would like to invest in real estate in Delhi, India.




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