Not just window dressing: Functional and aesthetic window treatments


Whether you’re doing up your bedroom, office, or living room, window treatments don’t take a backseat anymore. When you make the right choice, they do more than just add visual appeal to your space; the right blinds, screens, or shutters are also important for comfort.

Assess your window treatment styles based on your needs and preferences in order to benefit from their functionality. For instance, well-fitted window treatments can keep your room warm by preventing the heat from escaping during winters. And in the summers, they keep the heat out, allowing your space to stay cool. While some treatments are more suited for homes with children, others are sleek and practical for office spaces.

There is a diverse range of window treatment designs to choose from.

Venetian blinds

These are easy to install and are designed to last. They can be made with different types of wood (including cedar) or aluminum. There is no end to the colors that you can choose from. The ones made with aluminum and faux wood are great for areas of your home that are likely to get damp (like the bathroom). This versatile window dressing option is practical and convenient.

Automatic roman blinds

While this type of blind can be used for any window, it is most convenient for windows that are difficult to reach, like skylights. The blinds are operated by a compact motor that is set in the headrail and this takes away the need for pull chains and cords. This not only avoids clutter but is also safer if you have children in the house. You can choose Roman blinds with added features like sun sensors or set them to a timer. So, they open and close even when you are not at home. They can be operated via a smartphone, a switch, or any other home-based system interface.

Roller blinds

These are popular because they’re so easy to operate and economical. They work well for a number of different spaces given that you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics and colors. There are sheer sunscreen fabrics that can keep out UV rays but still let you see outside. You can also consider semi-opaque screens to soften harsh sunlight and thermal screens to keep the warmth in at night. Besides, if you want a completely dark room, blackout fabrics are what you are looking for.

Vertical blinds

Excellent for large window panes and high windows, vertical blinds do more than just control the light. The vertical slats make your room appear to be more spacious and this design does not collect much dust. These are also available in different fabrics and you can choose from sunscreen, translucent or blackout fabrics.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are cleverly designed so they stack as close together as possible when opened. This maximizes window space when you want it. These are also available in transparent, blackout, and semi-opaque models. If you’re looking for more insulation, opt for those where the fabric is honeycombed. Pleated blinds are popular for skylights, triangular windows, and arched windows. You can choose between cord operated blinds or motorized systems, depending on what you prefer.

Magnetic screens, tints, films, and shades

A practical solution to keeping out bugs are magnetic insect screens. They can be used for oddly shaped windows and those that are difficult to reach. These screens can be removed and re-installed easily for cleaning.

Window tints are excellent when you want a view but don’t want to compromise on privacy. These tints can be used on practically any type of glass and it also helps to control glare from sunlight and heat transmittance among other functions. They also help to ensure nosy neighbors or potential burglars can’t see what’s inside your home—a great way to keep your home safe and your house insurance unused.

For your bathrooms, you can use frosted film which is more economical than investing in frosted glass. For a design statement, try printed shades. Almost any design you want can be digitally printed from a photograph.


Wooden shutters are a classic, they offer your space a crisp, inimitable elegance and are often used in older villas.  Shutters can be made from sustainably sourced woods or aluminum.

They can be made with a single tier or have multiple tiers that have the top opening independently of the bottom. The design could also be sliding, bi-fold or hinged. The operable tilt of the shutters allows you to direct sunlight where you want it as the day progresses. They also ensure ventilation which is important for spaces like bathrooms. The shutters can be lacquered or painted in a number of different colors.


And of course, you can’t rule out the timeless appeal of curtains. This versatile form of window dressing can add soft refinement to your space. They are simple to manage given that you can easily have them laundered/dry cleaned. Being able to switch between prints or colors to transform your space instantly is an added advantage.

Don’t give up on a window just because it has an irregular shape, you can have a custom-designed treatment installed. Window treatments are versatile, multi-functional, and designed for convenience.

If you’re looking for more economically priced treatments, consider ready-to-use designs. In this case, provide as much detail as possible when you order so your supplier can send you an option that fits your window exactly. Take a little time to think about your window treatments and they can do a lot to transform your space.




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