Fun Ways to Know Your Partner Up & Close


Whoever said one has to be dead serious 24*7 in order to get to know their partner clearly didn’t know enough. There are ways of exploring the depth of an individual through fun and games too.  In fact, we are of the opinion that the latter approach is more effective since people usually let their guard off when they are in a jolly, relaxed mood. We are here to help you understand how you can take the help of these fun activities and games to take a sneak-peek into the thought process of your boyfriend or girlfriend. So, what are you waiting for? Let the games begin!

Fun Activities to Know Your Partner

When you sit down with your boyfriend or girlfriend to have a serious talk, they would always be alert and would probably try to think a lot before answering each question. This means that most of the answers will be fabricated to your preference since they would want to make you hear the stuff that you want to hear. But when you get to know your partner in the pretext of playing a game or doing a fun activity, chances are high that they would not be putting a facade on, thereby leaving you with a raw, vulnerable, unadulterated, human response that is free from any sort of pretension.

To help you out in enjoying this experience, we are providing you with the ideas of three such games/fun activities that would surely light a spark in your relationship.  Incorporating them into your relationship would smoothen the communication between you and your partner.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is what we call the result of a simple idea executed well.  You take a bottle, sit across it and spin it. Whoever the bottle points to after getting spun, has to choose between two options of truth and dare. If you or the other person chooses ‘Truth’, then you or he/she has to answer a question truthfully. Questions could be like, “What’s your wildest fantasy’, or ‘Who was your first crush’, or ‘Describe your perfect romantic date’.

If you or the other person selects ‘Dare’, then you or he/she has to perform an activity. Its range is also very wide- it could be a lap dance, or singing a sensuous song, to even something random such as howling like a wolf.  Basically, the idea is to let go of your inhibitions while still staying true to your own character. Of course, if someone chooses not to participate in an activity, his or her consent should be respected and in no circumstances, should they be judged on whatsoever ground.

It will indeed give you an idea of the thought process and imagination of your partner, which says a lot about their personality. Who knows, maybe a simple sign sometimes will help you figure out if the person you are with is worth your time or not.

Most Likely To Question Game

Another fun game for all those lovebirds out there, this will surely act more than just a time-pass. In fact, it is a testament to how well you know your boyfriend or girlfriend and vice-versa. Here is how you play it.

You write down a bunch of intriguing questions on a piece of paper. And then you hand your partner and yourself a whiteboard each. Both of you can take turns in reading the question out aloud. After reading the question, both of you simultaneously write down the answers on your respective white-boards. You then have to proceed to reveal your answer altogether. The questions could be “Who is most likely to scream when watching a horror movie?”, “Who is most likely to donate half their prize if they win a lottery?”, “Who is most likely to pick up a fight with a stranger on the moral ground?” etc. If you run out of finding an interesting question to put in your paper, let Wisledge be your guide and choose from a range of more than 500 such captivating questions.

Not only will it help you know your partner up and close, but it will give you a perception of what both of you think of each other.

Never Have I Ever

Do you know what is one of the best aspects of this game? It allows people to be foolish, silly, sexy, cocky, prudent, wild, among others without being judged upon, and we certainly hope one has such a mindset while playing these games, especially this one.  Often regarded as a drinking game, this is probably the most new-edge of these three games/fun activities.

Similar to ‘Most Likely to Question Game’, you write down your queries. But this time not in the manner of questions, but in the manner of statements! Examples could be, “Never have I ever shoplifted”, or “Never have I ever put a raw egg on my face”, or Never have I ever kissed someone in a car”, etc.  Those who do not qualify for the sentence, for instance, everyone who has shoplifted in case of the first statement, have to do something. It could be drinking a shot of fruit juice or dancing to a party song for 15 seconds.

As you could see, this definitely helps you to know a person from a whole different level.  As long as the privacy of someone is respected, this is a darn good game to have fun and know someone at the same time.

Get your playful side on and after taking people’s consent, go out there and enjoy yourself and know your partner up and close. After all, getting to know someone is even more fun when you get to be goofy. So, pick your game based on your and your girlfriend or boyfriend’s preference and make your evening spicy and memorable.




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