High school is the time for students to learn valuable life skills from professional teachers and peers. A regular day at school consists of different informational activities and an overall fun time to prepare students for what lies ahead in life. Starting off your high school education on time is crucial if you want to make something of your life. Not only will it be beneficial for you as far as your income goes, but it will also ensure that you can make use of future opportunities to the fullest. Furthermore, a society that has a high level of high school education completion, that society tends to be healthier, have a good economy, and even low crime levels. 

When you were just a child, your parents might have discussed with you the benefits of getting a high school degree. If you think they were wrong, then we are sorry to burst your bubble, as they were right 100 percent. If you are someone who currently studies in high school, but you have second thoughts about completing your high school degree, then this article will surely change your mind about leaving. Today, in this article, we will share with you nine benefits of having a high school degree on time. 


People who complete a high school education on time tend to live a longer and healthier lifestyle. According to research done in 2018, people who complete a formal high school education have a lower risk of heart diseases. Educated people have the awareness to stay away from unhealthy activities like smoking, drinking alcohol, or eating junk food. It seriously lowers the risk of having heart issues when you are older. So, it is a good idea to stay in school and complete your high school degree or diploma on time. It will be your call to decide whether you prefer enrolling for a high school diploma online or visit the campus to make the most of the facilities provided. 


If you want to earn a job that you are passionate about, then chances are, a college degree will be a requirement to apply for the said job opportunity. According to a study done by the U.S Census Bureau in 2013, around 33 percent of high school graduates consider getting a college degree. Compared to high school GED earners, where only 5 percent of GED earners considered getting a college degree, the percentage is very high. If a college degree is necessary for your dream job, then think about it beforehand and complete your high school education on time. 


The job market is constantly changing every day. However, one fact remains the same. It is that when young adults complete a high school education on time, they have a 20 percent more chance of getting a better-paying job than those who didn’t complete one on time. You might think this 20 percent will be a negligible amount, but in reality, it can mean an increase of 1000-1500 dollars per month. 


A study done by the U.S. Census Bureau showed that the unemployment frequency is 6 percent higher for people who completed a high school education than people who didn’t. When you have a formal high school degree or diploma in your arsenal, you have a better chance of landing a job that you always wanted. Furthermore, it will also ensure that you keep the said job for a long time to come. The University of Georgetown predicted in a study that in the year 2020, 65 percent of jobs are going to require a formal college or a bachelor’s degree. So, to qualify for a college or a bachelor’s degree, you need a high school education first. 


A high school education molds you as a human being and teaches you some necessary life skills that you will make use of later on in your adult life. It will include thinking skills, the ability to express thoughts and opinions, the formation of short and long-term goals, balancing work and home responsibilities, and the ability to work with other people. Through homework, high school schedule, and self-regulation, young adults will learn these necessary skills. 


Young adults that complete a high school degree on time will contribute more towards the financial stability of a society. According to a study done by the AYPF, high school and college dropouts tend to adopt a life of crime and end up serving time in jails than high school and college graduates. These individuals usually rely on public assistance programs, which are fueled by tax money. High school graduates contribute about 50 percent more money from their jobs than dropouts. So, the more high school graduates there are, the better the society’s financial stability. 


If you want to have a happy and lasting marriage, then completing a high school degree on time will help you achieve it. The report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics describes that individuals who hold a high school degree have a better chance of getting married and living a successful life through it. About 30 percent of high school graduate marriages end up in a divorce, while high school dropout marriages end up in divorce 50 percent of the time.


Individuals who complete a high school degree on time have a better chance of making the right decisions when saving money and buying a home. As per the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, individuals who graduate from high school have a 15 percent better chance of being homeowners than dropouts.


In countries where there is a high rate of high school education for both genders, crimes based upon gender are lower. It is down to the fact that educated people support gender equality, and they take steps to stop gender-based crimes. Communities that encourage gender equality are less likely to suffer from terrorist attacks on girls-only schools.


Completing a high school degree on time is beneficial across many aspects of life, whether it be long or short term. To study for a high school degree might seem boring to young adults, but this is the stage in their lives where they need some form of guidance from their family and peers. If they follow the right peers or family members, they will end up dropping out of high school, let alone consider getting a bachelor’s degree. Today, we have made you aware of nine benefits of having a high school degree on time. So, it is a good idea that you consider these benefits and complete your degree on time.

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