When everything is operating smoothly, it can be easy to overlook everyday maintenance chores and deduce that spending time to inspect and replace parts is not worth the effort. However, that is far from it. A water pump, considerably, is an essential part of every person’s home, and it gets used to pumping water to every tap or shower of the house. If a pump shuts down, it can be a situation of immense annoyance. Water pumps do not only exist inside our homes, but they are also present inside various factories and plants available in the name of a commercial pump. If a pump shuts down inside a factory or plant, it could result in the whole plant shutting down its operations. To keep a pump running efficiently and effectively, you need to take care of it, just like you would take care of anything that holds value for you.

A pump has several moving parts that could fail when not properly maintained. Here you have some steps that one can follow to ensure that the water pump remains functional for a long time. If you are someone who wants to know how to maintain your water pump, then this article will be helpful for you. Today, we will shed light on seven easy steps to manage your pump. These seven steps are listed as follows;


It is crucial to know how long your water pump will function before it needs timely service. The service period for the water pump is usually available in the service manual. You would also have to know what time of the day you can conduct maintenance. Choose a time when the pump is not in operation, and nobody needs access to water inside your house. You will have to use your common sense to schedule the time that suits you best. If you are servicing a good pump, make sure that you have enough water in backup for emergency use. Sure, you might be thinking that ‘I can search for a well pump service near me. However, it is something natural, and anyone who knows how to use a wrench can carry out the task.


Whenever a pump runs regularly, it might start to degrade and cause issues. The next thing you can do after scheduling a maintenance time is to check if your pump needs service or not. To Get to know your water pump, observe it while it is operational. If you find any leaks, unusual vibrations, and sounds, make a note of it. It is good to make notes of any irregularities occurring inside the pump before you dismantle and service it.


It is smarter to practice safety than to be regretful. After you have made notes of any irregular pump operation, you can then move on to turning off the pump. A good idea would be to turn off the mains supply to avoid electrocution. There is a big chance that frayed wires might be present inside the pump. If you accidentally touch any live wires, you will get electrocuted, which could lead to instant death. Proper insulation is of the utmost importance when working around bare wires. A good tip would be to wear electrical gloves to remove any chance of electrocution.


After you have insulated yourself and turned off all electrical supply to the pump, you should start by checking the mounting points. Disconnect pipes present on the inlet and outlet and inspect the mechanical seals and packing. Also, check the flange for leakage. If it has developed a leak, replace it with a new one. After that, check the coupling and clean the water filter present inside the pump. If the filter is damaged, then there is no point in cleaning it. The best thing you could do is replace it with a new one.


Machines containing moving parts need lubrication from time to time, and the same goes for water pumps. Refer to the maintenance manual, and lubricate the pump and motor bearings accordingly. Make sure you do not overlubricate the bearings as more harm can come from over lubrication than under lubrication. If the bearing contains a vent cap, take it off and run the pump for at least 30 minutes to allow excess grease to escape through it. Also, make sure you lubricate any moving parts other than the pump and motor bearings.


After you have completed the lubricant application, you need to perform some necessary electrical inspections on the motor as well. Make sure to check the wirings of the pump’s electrical terminals. It will ensure that the pump functions properly. Also, clean out the accumulated dust or dirt that might have developed on the motor windings and air vents. In the case of a damaged motor winding, you need to get your motor re-winded by a certified electrician. If the winding is in one piece, use an ohmmeter to check for any insulation failure or damage.


Over time, the seals and hoses of the pump can get damaged, which can result in improper pump operation. The seals ensure that there is no water leakage present inside it. There are usually rubber O rings present inside the inlet and outlet of the pump, which removes any leaks due to increased water pressure. Also, make sure that the hoses you have attached to the pump can handle the rated load of the water pump. If the tube looks old, you should replace them without thinking twice.


Knowing the right time to service a pump can sometimes be challenging. Most of the wear and tear that pumps experience is on their internal parts. Therefore, you need to disassemble it completely to service it. However, sometimes you can forget to repair your pump, and the only thing you can do is replace it with a new one. Pump replacement should be carried out by a specialist. Also, you can get guidance from your local pump specialist to know what to do and when to maintain and service your pump. Other than that, it is up to you whether you hire a specialist to repair it or you do it yourself. Today, we have made you aware of seven steps for your water pump maintenance. So, it is a good idea that you refer to these seven steps to ensure proper water pump maintenance.




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