Is It True that Recycling of E-Waste Will Save Gorillas?

You might have heard a thing or two about how you can save the planet by making certain decisions and lifestyle changes. It probably sounded cool to be saving the planet from your own small corner.

Over the years, several ideas have come up on how we can save the planet from exploitation by humans. One of the most popular of these ideas has been maintaining a green environment by recycling.

However, in recent times, have you heard of how there is a need to pay attention to what happens to your old phones?

Yes! Taking the action has been said to have a role in ensuring that Gorillas do not go into extinction. Since this information has been circulated through various means (such as the internet), users who are wondering the correlation between phones and Gorillas.

Recycling of phones has specifically been called for and here is the question on the lips of most users: “is it true that recycling of used phones/E-waste will save Gorillas?”

The Answer

Yes, it is true that recycling of E-waste will save Gorillas.

Now, you must be wondering how this whole thing works. The questioning definitely doesn’t end here, as you would now be wondering how recycling will save Gorillas.

The Facts

Basically, your mobile phones are made from coltan, a substance gotten from the Republic of Congo. Due to the high demand for mobile phones and the production of new models, the mining of coltan hardly ever stops.

This substance, coltan, is found in the natural habitat of Gorillas (the largest mammals walking the earth) and some miners have also reported that they found some under the skin of these animals. Gorillas are commonly found in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and this is where the mining takes place. The mining destroys the natural habitat (the comfort zone) of these Gorillas, predisposing them to death. Also, some of them are also killed in the mining process.

This continual mining is not surprising as the number of cell phones users in the United States is up to 270 million. There is also a record of about 4.1 billion cell phone users around the globe.

The number is not even about to decline as the number of users is set to become an estimated 4.68 billion by 2020. This also implies that many Gorillas would be killed again because users want to have a phone upgrade and more people want to start using cell phones.

The Solution

Where are all your used phones? I guess you have no idea concerning the location of any of them.

If you are in the United States, you probably change your phone once every 18 months. All those times you had to change your phone, have you ever thought of having to sell your Samsung phone, as opposed to probably forgetting it somewhere in your house till it becomes an item to be disposed?

Have you ever wondered where all your used cell phones currently are?

You probably never bothered about used phones because you had no reason to do so. However, now, you certainly have a reason to do so. Every specie deserves to live—including gorillas.

By selling your used phone or properly disposing it in a recycle bin (for appropriate recycling), you are definitely making a huge difference in the world, right from your corner.

Now that you know that the information on recycling E-waste can save Gorillas and make a change in the world around you, what will your reaction be?

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