Information Technology Essay: How to Write a Good Hook

Students often think that scientific works are always dull, monotonous, and depressing like nasty weather during the vacation. Today people like watching a video but seldom prefer reading to other activities. That is why it is so hard to make a person read something. Still, it is possible.

College paper can be as captivating as a book about magic, interesting historical events, love stories, and other topics. The main thing is to provide it with a catchy hook and precise thesis statement. How to do that? What is the recipe of successful introduction that does not give a chance to refuse from a piece of tasty investigation?

10 Ways to Compose a Brilliant Hook for a College Essay in IT

One can hardly find a person who has never heard of IT innovations. Employers desire to get the best IT specialists because they know how to create a perfect working atmosphere and make business function better. A group of professional essay writers from offers 10 best ways to write a great hook for information technology papers.

Method Explanation Pros Cons
Statistics Using valid information about the topic from reliable sources (usually, concrete numbers concerning some phenomena). It drags readers’ attention and makes the research solid and trustworthy. Students often fail to present statistics taking too much and just plagiarizing the source. One should strike with data but not bother.
Advice Giving recommendations which help to avoid mistakes and improve something. A reader feels involved and starts to participate in the dialogue “writer-reader” Not all types of essays let a person use 2nd person singular.
Contradiction Giving two opposite ideas in one statement. It surprises the audience and opens the door to discussion. Some college tutors demand clarity and one side vision.
Definition Explanation of keywords and notions of the research topic. It provides a better understanding of the problem or theme from the very beginning. It may look a little bit primitive and not a unique way to start a paper.
Anecdote Introducing a funny story concerning the main idea of the paper. Such a method breaks the ice and creates a positive atmosphere Not all types of researches allow to use it as a hook.
Dilemma Presenting a problem that has two solutions. Each of the solutions has some negative perspective and makes a person to choose one of the unfavorable way outs. It is a perfect way to make the target audience ponder over the problem and participate in its solution. It is important to present the method correctly. It means that the choice should be really not easy to make.
Quotation Presentation of someone’s saying without changes. A strong start that presents the core idea on the spot. It leads to plagiarism in case a person forgets to mention that in the bibliography or quotes too much in different sections of the college writing.
Surprising facts Providing data that is new and embarrassing. It astonishes and intrigues the reader. It is an excellent way to welcome the audience to read the whole work in order to learn more. What is new for one person can be familiar to the other one. It is necessary to find something worthy, but it is not so easy.
Personal experience Describing an episode of the author’s life experience using 1st person singular or plural. This method turns a topic into something real. Everybody can look at the problem as at the thing which might happen to everybody. Most essays require 3rd person singular.
Question Asking the audience about the key issue of the paper. It is a great chance to make the reader feel connected. The target audience knows that their viewpoint is essential to the author. Sometimes it is hard to form a precise question. Students often make it either too wide or too narrow in its meaning.

Formal papers need reliable sources. Google Scholar, Jstor, NCBI, Discovery, Scientific American, and other scientific sources help students find surprising and mesmerizing data for their IT essays.

5 Samples of IT Hooks to Know How and What to Do

The best way to explain something is to give an example. One can see five sample hooks for IT essays here. They are different but reflect the key idea of various topics.

  1. Advice: Never apply a password to pay things or withdraw cash in case there are cameras. You risk losing everything you have (Topic: Password Security).
  2. Contradiction: The more blogs and accounts in social networks one has, the more isolated a person feels (Topic: Antisocial Effect of Social Platforms and Cyber Security).
  3. Quotes: Choosing between media and Himanshu’s ears, I’d better tell him everything I want into his ears (Topic: Safety and Reliability of Information Sharing on Media Platforms).
  4. Anecdote: My sweetheart, have you written a letter to Santa Claus? – Mom, I email him regularly (Management Services: Pros and Cons).
  5. Definition: IT involves the use of digital devices that keep, share, control, and manage information to develop and run a business effectively (Topic: IT: Leader of Communication and Cooperation in the XXI century).

These sample hooks give an opportunity to understand what the authors are going to discuss in the essay. They intrigue and give only a hint to what the answer might be. Their purpose is not to retell the whole paper but to present its core and make the target reader read it. It is very important to investigate related literature to select the most catchy facts and turn them into an IT essay hook.

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