4 Creative Ways to Boost School Spirit


What is the most interesting memory in your school that you want to cherish for life?

Probably not the examination day; it would be a sports day, cultural activities, marching days, exhibitions, and all those engaging special events. These things were not just about fun; instead, it brings a sense of identity and togetherness among students, which is known as school spirit.

School spirit is the core of a school. Such events are organized by authorities to boost morale, establishes healthy relations among tutors as well as to increase the overall performance of students. Educational institutions at every level can use many ways to promote school spirit at their premises.

It can range from making spirit Fridays fun to more complex plans. Of course, there are some popular ways of displaying school spirit, like using a mascot, but here are four interesting ideas you are few steps away to try:

Make Spirit Weeks More Fun

Involve school communities to take a survey of students to count them to participate in weekly creative activities. Of course, chants and cheers help make it catchy! Here are some other ways:

  • Mismatched Monday: Wear a mismatched, crazy outfit and make the day colorful, laughable but fun.
  • Hawaiian Tuesday: Any outfit matching this theme will make the day out of the box (not bikinis and Speedos).
  • Wonderful Wednesday: Dress up as your favorite movie character.
  • Throwback Thursday: Assign a different decade to each standard and have them compete with their outfits.
  • Fun Friday: Assign a task of finding an interesting school mascot to make the day super creative and fun.

Show Your School Colors

One of the simplest yet fun ways to show togetherness is to wear your school team colors. Be it a jersey, letter jacket, uniform, flaunting the same color palettes by students can steal the show. You can wear colored uniforms any day you are allowed to; however, on sports day and other events, it can truly boost the enthusiasm of the team.

Further, you can use custom T-Shirt printing blended with your school colors and include into promotional products like flash drives, water bottles, etc. Imagine being dressed out head to toe in your team colors with customized binders, pens, and backpacks to match! Also, encourage your buddies to wear the same colors and let them participate in events.

Host a Pep Rally

Hosting a pep rally will act as a charger to spark the tired spirit of the teams and students. The best part is pep rallies do not focus solely on sports, but also on other competition teams like the chess team or the debate team.

Pep rallies may also be used to:

  • Have upbeat music playing when people enter the pep rally.
  • Invite a dance group and the marching band to perform.
  • Have cheerleaders performing some routines, and encourage the crowd to participate in cheers.
  • Celebrate success and achievements within the school.
  • Invite students on stage to share their most enjoyable moments.

Try Fundraising

Work collaboratively to raise funds for a cause that needs help, say, a family in your city had a fire or maybe helping through care packages to veterans. There are plenty of ways to raise money, such as selling flowers, food sales, handmade items, etc. Competition between grade levels, auctions, book fairs, and raffles are some other ways to raise money.

Whatever you pick, make it a group attempt and let the students have a positive attitude throughout. Your school will roar with pride when you implement these spirit boosters. Whether you’re celebrating current events or aim to have a better future, school spirit is bound to soar!




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