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Just as choosing the primary surrogacy professional and right surrogacy is essential to a successful surrogacy experience, selecting the correct surrogacy clinic is a significant decision. These clinics are famous with name of IVF clinics, fertility clinics, and surrogacy clinics. Medical experts are doing their jobs more effectively in their clinics. If you are going for this process, you need to choose the right clinic because an expert staff can efficiently handle all these tasks. You need to select a clinic that is reputed and certified. So, you must complete your search. Learn more about Surrogacy and clinics here.

1.    Location

Both, the intended and gestational surrogate parents can work with the same fertility clinics. Moreover, the intended parents have to join the fertility clinic to prepare and create embryos, utilizing gametes from the donors or the intended parents. In some surrogacy situations, you may need egg retrieval for the intended mother.

A surrogate mother needs to go to the fertility clinic to prepare for embryo transfer using the essential fertility medications. She needs access to surrogacy clinics is a crucial consideration because she may travel back or go forward to this location for appointments regularly until she gets pregnant.

There are two most famous surrogacy clinics” in Ukraine: Clinic of prof. Feskov (Kharkov and Kiev) and Biotexcom (Kiev). Some reviews about first leihmutter agentur you can read on site. Recently, the second clinic has had scandals. This is due to the fact that biotexcom gave the child to their parents, but the child turned out to be a stranger to them.

2.    Cost

Surrogacy comes with high medical costs. You must know about the surrogacy procedure because it is costly and expensive. Moreover, the value of the entire process will be decided as per the course of surrogacy. If you want to make this procedure cost-effective, then you must go for the insurance. People have to invest a large amount of money towards the child already.

Your medical experts will give you an option through various IVF package options based on your situation. In this procedure, you do not need to pay for anything that you do not need.

Selecting a clinic at a high cost is not a good idea. Though it is not an easy and inexpensive procedure, you must know about surrogacy because the medical system is different for every user.

3.    Success rate

You must know what the actual condition is for you. There are different situations for patients because of medical reasons. This is the reason the success rate is different for everyone. However, the chances of failure are rare in surrogacy. Before going through this procedure, you need to discuss and everything with your medical specialist. There are many doctors available for this procedure. But you need to select a certified clinic.


Surrogacy is a safe and protected procedure, and it is excellent for most people who want their child. So, you need to have complete information about this process.


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