6 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Life


If you feel helpless and are not sure how to regain power over your daily life, then this guide is for you. Become the leader of your own life, like you once were, and be more confident in this more powerful identity. Here are six suggestions for regaining control.

1. Remove Obvious Risks

Firstly, get yourself out of the line of the approaching truck. That’s not meant literally but instead as a symbolic way of saying to remove yourself from risk, when possible. 

For instance, now is probably not the best time to try your hand at the stock market for the first time. When you have a more stable footing, that might be something you do, but not now.

2. Sleep More

If you’re not feeling rested, a night of poor sleep is likely at least part of the reason for it. The signs of a sleep deficit include a feeling of heaviness across your entire body and feeling like it takes longer than usual to complete a task.

To regain control of your life, make a deliberate effort to get more rest. That involves winding down at night at an earlier time than you have been doing, as well as avoiding caffeine later in the day that could otherwise interfere with a night of deep sleep.

3. Be Kinder to Yourself

While that sounds like a flowery concept, it is one to follow. Doing so can have a great impact on your daily existence. 

If you are beating yourself down daily about past mistakes or belittling yourself, then you’ll never get ahead. Along with practicing a more compassionate mindset, also think about taking time for yourself doing things that bring you joy to build back self-worth.

4. Set Goals for a Better You

A major way to improve your life is to set goals for how you want to improve and then write down actionable steps to reach it. After all, how can you be in control of the day if you’re not sure where you’re going? 

There are many goals you could set, such as becoming more physically active and developing muscle if you’re unhappy with your dad bod. Strengthen your spirit and body with guidance from Masculine by Design.

5. Look for the Hidden Lesson

If you’re at what seems like the bottom, then look for the lesson to learn from this period of your life. Seeking out the lesson to learn from the tough moments is a way to gain strength and feel more in control. 

Often, the hardest times are the ones that can help you find a new path and be at the steering wheel of it. You just might find that the journey ahead has moments you would never have expected – in a good way!

6. Recognize What You DO Control

Focus on what you still have control over rather than what makes you feel helpless. Doing so will empower you.

Among the things you likely have control over are what you eat tonight, how you think about yourself, and who you let into your life. 

You also control how you respond to difficult situations, in most cases. Rather than choosing anger and self-pity, try to stay calm and look for a Plan B.

When You Want More Control 

The six strategies above can help you gain a sense of control again. While not all of them will apply to you, hopefully at least one will be part of the next positive step in your life.




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