Why Having A Strong Community Is So Important

As more of us are working from home, grocery deliveries have eliminated the need to visit the shops and pretty much anything can be bought online, it’s getting easier to spend long periods of time without seeing anyone apart from the people that you live with.

It’s really important that we continue to make an effort to network and make connections with other people, even if we do that online, as having a sense of community is beneficial to us in a number of ways.

Inspiration And Motivation

When you sit in your home all day doing the same things, there’s very little to inspire you to do something different. However, speaking with people who share the same values as you and are doing great work out in the world can be just the spark you need to realize your dreams.

We all have an innate desire to help people. In fact the charity 80,000 Hours lists this as one of the most important aspects of a ‘dream job,’ but at the same time it is easy to get stuck in a rut. Communicating with others can be just the motivation we need to identify the ways in which we can contribute and make a difference – and make those things a reality. This in turn benefits us because it gives us a sense of purpose and meaning.

Prevents Loneliness

According to the mental health charity Mind, loneliness can negatively impact our mental health. This is particularly true if you have spent a long time feeling lonely. Research suggests that loneliness is linked to heightened risks of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, sleep problems and increased levels of stress.

Building a community can be hard work, particularly if you are already feeling the effects of loneliness, but it’s work that will have a positive impact on your life long term.

Lessens The Risk Of Dementia

Multiple studies suggest that a sense of community lessens the risk of dementia and another age-related cognitive decline. This is why senior independent living villages like Belmont assisted living Buffalo Grove put such a strong focus on helping their residents to develop a sense of community as part of their therapeutic programs.

Having a community helps you to feel engaged and gives you a sense of purpose, which helps to keep your mind healthy.


A community of like-minded individuals will be a valuable resource to you when you are looking for advice, or if you are having a hard time in your life.

Speaking about your problems with other people can make them seem infinitely less overwhelming, which in turn helps you to gain clarity in solving them.


You never know what opportunities might come up for you professionally and personally through having a strong community. You could find the job of your dreams or meet the love of your life, just through your personal network!


Talking and laughing with others is the most fun you can have – it’s worth cultivating a community for this alone!

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