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Productivity is expected in the workplace at all times, especially when the employer is keen on making sure that you work the hours you’re being paid for. It’s so ingrained in our brains that not being able to put out makes us guilty because it feels like “stealing time”. Still, we can’t get out of the slump so we continue with this vicious cycle of procrastination.

We can solve this problem with a bit of self-actualization and the implementation of self-discipline, but this is so much easier said than done. In fact, anything sounds better in theory, and passing the time seems more pleasant than racking your brain all the time, but in reality, it’s not.

As simply stated from the law of entropy, we will be more inclined to not do anything if we don’t do something about it. Inaction is easier to maintain, and activity will break this cycle of passiveness. We know we can pull through and be our best selves in the office, so don’t pull back the punches and beat the slump with four clever products that can surely enhance your productivity.

1.Personality Hacker

I have rated this tool at the top because these soft aspects are generally ignored by organizations. According to their author “Understanding personality types in your company gives you almost mind reading-like powers. If you’re dealing with a problem employee and you can’t seem to understand where they’re coming from, knowing their personality type will tell you 1) what they’re interested in and how you can reach them; 2) how they’re making decisions and evaluating you, their fellow employees and their environment.

You must try this tool in your organization to drastically improve productivity and have a productive culture in your organization. You can find good deals and offers to try this product here.

2. StandStand

Studies show that the human body was not designed for prolonged hours in a

stationary sitting position. In fact, our body’s systems perform better with activity or simply when standing. This is how the StandStand came to fruition. This product is a desk for standing that can be broken down into smaller parts for height adjustment.

There are numerous coupon codes available online if you want to avail of the product, and this can improve office productivity with the straightforward reduction of people dozing off in their desks. The main disadvantage with this, however, is that it may not be conducive for optimum performance if one stands all day. So this product is suggested to be used sparingly.

3. The Habit Journal

As mentioned earlier, a bit of self-awareness goes a long way, because that’s the first step of dealing with the problem – admitting that there is a problem. With that, keeping track of your habits can inject a sense of accountability to yourself so that you’re more inclined to work on your to-do list. The idea originated on a Kickstarter campaign.

Habit tracking has been a trend in the BuJo or Bullet Journaling community, and this product doesn’t only help you know what your habits are, but it also helps you cultivate better habits that can improve your work performance in the office.

This product provides an outline designed for tracking, task listing, goal setting, and regular reminding so you are set towards the right path. Most people make journaling a therapeutic activity that keeps them grounded, especially when the going gets tough.

However, aside from the fact that this might not work for everyone, this can take the form of procrastination in denial. Journaling can be so fun that you’d rather work on planning instead of actually working on it, and this is because it gives you a sense of fake “accomplishment”. Worse comes to worst, you actually lose the journal, and you might lose your motivation altogether.

4. Personal Robot

Also called a virtual assistant, this product will take care of all the unresponded emails, appointments on hold, and all the document reorganization while you work on the more important work. Menial tasks in bulk daily can take up so much mental and physical energy, not to mention the time you’d have to spend dealing with them that you’re left with little time on the work that requires your full attention.

However, putting all the menial tasks on hold for too long can jeopardize the entire operation, so having a personal AI assistant will save you so many resources.

Even with all its benefits, you must consider how this is a piece of equipment that won’t deviate from its regular programming, so there may be a few technical difficulties along the way. Just remember to always have time to oversee what your assistant has done to be sure.

The Bottom Line

With all that being said, how well you perform in the office can also be affected by different factors like your rapport with your boss, your relationship with your coworkers, and the type of work you are assigned with. Still, we hope that by being introduced to these products, you can gain insight into what can help you be your best self in the office. Good luck!


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