HR Departments Can Benefit From the Electronic Signature

The HR department plays one of the most crucial roles in the company, and their role extends from hiring the right employees, create HR policies,  maintaining employees’ morale,  and dealing with regulatory & compliance issues. There is a tremendous amount of documentation required in HR activities, and all the documents must be adequately recorded and be accessible all the time.

Managing the impressive number of documents and records throughout the hire-to-retire process can take more than 25% of your time. As a result focusing on the things that are important for the company’s development, such as hiring, retaining, and developing talent, is very difficult. For this reason, HR departments are continuously searching for ways to streamline operations to improve productivity.

Human resources departments can take advantage of free digital signature software to sign and obtain signatures for a wide range of documents, which is much faster and easier than the old school method of filling and signing documents and forms.

The Society for Human Resource Management points out that e-signatures allow HR departments to eliminate paper.

Why is this? What are the Benefits?

Needless is to mention that the HR work processes involve all kinds of formalities. Starting from vacation tracking, payroll, expense reimbursements, personnel files, performance evaluations, benefits enrollments to signing on various other documents, it involves various steps. E-signature software can turn all these tasks into minuscule affairs.

With an e-signature solution, HR departments can benefit in the following ways:

Trackable and Accurate

Electronic signatures, provide a controlled workflow that can revolutionize the way you handle contracts and documents. E-signature software is the perfect solution to ensure your employees complete each form accurately. ESign Genie offers the possibility to require the completion of specific fields while restricting others. Also, you can track the progress of your documents to keep employees up to date on all pending e-sign documents.

Even more secure than traditional paper documents, e-signatures also offer traceable information on who signed the document, where the document was signed, and when it was signed.

Environmental friendly

A candidate is more often than not, going to be drawn to a company that boasts environmental friendliness. By using e-signatures in the processing of employment contracts, suggests a company is likely reducing its paper usage and conveys the persona of an environmentally responsible employer.

Skate through paperwork

Saving time is a positive factor when it comes to business. Using e-signatures helps both HR teams and candidates by allowing them to sign documents relating to the hiring process, anywhere, and at any time. You will be able to sign documents such as NDA agreements and labor contracts on the go. There is no longer a need to set up a scheduled meeting time.

By using an electronic signature, you also get to save time during the processing and archiving of documentation. This is especially advantageous for staffing agencies who need a quick recruitment system to make hires with short notice.

eSign Genie helps you collect and document e-signatures for onboarding forms, employee notices, and benefits enrollment.

Money saver

Despite the increased adoption of workforce technology tools, paper still plays a critical role in the life of most HR departments. According to HR.BLR (HR. Business & Legal Resources) the issue is predominant when it comes to documents that require signatures,

According to an ADP survey, 60% of all HR departments keep some of their employee records in paper files. That type of statistic can prove costly,

There is a substantial cost reduction in hiring employees when e-signatures are used. You will no longer have to mail contracts to the candidate. A quick email using an e-signature solution, such as eSign Genie’s, reduces the steps involved in a contract down to one. Once the candidate receives the email, he/she can quickly sign and return all the documentation to the employer.

According to research done by the Environmental Paper Network Organization, the cost of using paper can go as high as 10 times the costs of the original paper itself. Hence, for each $10 ream of paper, your company will actually spend $100 in indirect costs.

You can sign any type of document

When a candidate has been confirmed, documents such as an identity card, a bank statement, and other personal documents will often be requested. With eSign Genie, your company can request these documents at the time it requests the employee’s signature. This makes it easier to collect all the required information need to complete the hiring process.

Here is a list of documents that you can sign with eSign Genie:

  • Offer letters
  • Employment contract
  • Job descriptions
  • Retention bonus agreements
  • Leave of absence / PTO forms
  • Appraisal forms
  • Employment handbook
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Company pension agreements
  • Equality & diversity questionnaire
  • Training certification
  • Bonus agreements
  • Employee personal data
  • End of contract agreement/separation notification
  • Exit interview attestation

Legal Compliance

eSign Genie’s legally binding signatures are built right into our software and are both ESIGN and UETA compliant. In addition, they abide by the European Union Regulation on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS).

The best part? eSign Genie can track and verify the integrity of the signature, from the IP address to the timestamp. Also, all e-signed documents are sent using secure encrypted links.

In Conclusion

Using e-signatures helps HR to speed-up their internal processes when signing on a new employee. A company that makes this process easier is one that stands out amongst the crowd for its implementation of technology. In today’s society, using technology is a must to entice top digital talent.

Using eSign Genie’s e-signature solution is free to start. By registering, you gain free access to all the features eSign Genie has to offer.

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