How to Make Your Tiny Condo Feel More Like a Home

People who live in cities often need to sacrifice the square footage of their home to live in a desirable location. As a result, they have smaller homes that may feel confining at times.

Especially as people now are spending longer periods inside than ever, it’s important to really feel like the place you live in a home and not just space where you pay condos fees.

Here are some tips you can keep in mind to make your small condo feel cozier and homier.

Hand-Made, Custom Wood Furniture

The sight of real wood in a home speaks of permanence. Just like a tree can live for centuries with roots sinking deep into the ground, having furniture made of real wood speaks of longevity.

Not everybody who lives in a small space plans to be there temporarily — small living quarters don’t necessarily mean that person is in a “starter home.” Get a solid wood dining table or a hefty coffee table for the living room from Woodcraft custom furniture to create a sense of home that feels permanent and deep-rooted.

Make sure that the furniture is made of real solid wood — like oak, maple, pine or cherry — because wood that is solid to the core is what resonates and exudes permanence.

Change the Lighting

Ask anyone who has lived in a dark basement before: lighting can have a major impact on our mood, and how people feel day to day. There’s a reason why swanky clubs and restaurants invest so much thought into how lighting affects ambiance.

If you want to make your living quarters feel like your own, create a custom lighting scheme. It doesn’t have to be expensive or technical. If you’re clever, you can use candles and mirrors with strong effect, or put little electric lights near the bar cart, so the light refracted by the glass bottles has a cool effect.

Be very thoughtful in your usage of lamps and accent lights. If you want to get ambitious, you can install your own track light, but even using little LED strip lights under the counter in your kitchen will make the home feel homier.

Plants and Greenery

Homes that are more alive feel more like a home, and plants are the simplest and least expensive form of life a person can support. Best of all, when the spare room is at a premium, they don’t take up very much space.

Plans can also play the important role of air purifiers — they’re not just pretty to look at, they improve our breathing every day.

You can install a floating shelf to put a plant on a wall where there’s otherwise nothing or find a nook in your home that can be brought to life with some greenery. Just make sure this space gets ample sunlight.

Creating the warm feeling of home is all about having solid, attractive furniture that lasts for years, attractive lighting, and the real sense of live plants can convey. If you bring these things into your home, your tiny condo will feel larger than it is.

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