How to Sell a Tiffany Diamond Ring on eBay


Maybe your first husband bought you a Tiffany diamond ring, and since he’s no longer in the picture, you don’t want the ring in the picture either. Or perhaps you inherited your mother’s treasured Tiffany diamond ring, and need funds for a new home or a startup business. Among the many ways to sell Tiffany jewelry is eBay, the online auction site.

Prepare Your Ring

The first step in selling your Tiffany diamond ring on eBay is to have it professionally cleaned. You’ll be taking close up photos, and you’ll want the ring looking its best.

Get an Account

The next step in selling your Tiffany diamond ring on eBay is to set up a seller’s account. You’ll need to confirm your address and telephone number, and then specify an automatic payment method for paying seller’s fees and guarantee reimbursements.

Create a Listing

Next is the all-important listing. The listing is a thorough description of your ring, including ring size, diamond size and quality, and any imperfections, like scuffs or scratches. Of course, you’ll mention the designer.

The listing will also include photographs and selling methods. Most eBay users prefer to auction their property, and the listing will contain the starting bid price. You should have a good idea of what your Tiffany diamond ring is worth. If you don’t, you should have it appraised. But remember, your asking price isn’t what you think it’s worth — it’s what other people think it’s worth.

As you create your listing, eBay will provide recommendations based on the research of similar listings. Offering free shipping options and accepting returns will make your listing stand out. Using descriptive keywords in your title can also improve your chances of selling your Tiffany diamond ring.


Good photographs of your Tiffany diamond ring are key to making a sale. If you don’t use a professional photographer, you’ll need a good camera with a macro lens and a plain white or black background. Try to use natural light. Pick a sunny day and go outside. Just make sure you don’t cast a shadow on your ring.


In the listing you’ll want to mention and photograph the paperwork you should have that verifies that your jewelry is an authentic Tiffany diamond ring. If you were the original owner of the ring, you should have both the Tiffany Diamond Certificate and the GIA Laboratory Report for the diamond(s). If you have the original box and another packaging, you’ll want to mention that too. If you don’t have the original Tiffany paperwork, at the very least you’ll want to obtain a Tiffany Replacement Value Certificate from Tiffany’s. Without the paperwork, it’s nearly impossible for a private individual to sell a diamond ring on eBay.

The Sale

Once you have your Tiffany diamond ring listed, you’ll simply need to manage your listing. You should promptly answer any questions you may get from potential buyers.

When your ring sells, you will receive a payment notification through eBay checkout as you specified in the listing. Promptly ship your ring to the buyer using the shipping method you specified in the listing.




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