How to Make Your Weekend Super Productive In 5 Simple Ways

We are so busy in the weekdays that we forgot to plan our weekends. And when it ends doing nothing, we wake up on Mondays with the thought to get one more day so you can finish all your pending works.

For some people, the weekend would mean sleeping, movies, dine out, and resting. But for others, it’s the best time to spend on their side hustles, manage the freelance work, and hang out with their social circle.

If you regret every Monday to have a day more, then this blog is for you as it brings the best tips to make your weekend productive.

1. What’s Important?

Every Friday, take out one hour after coming from the office and think of the tasks that lie ahead. Even if it’s reading a book, taking your children to the park, finding a new job, cluttering your home, or meeting your friends. Try to be different from weekdays to give your mind a break from the regular routine. You can use a task management tool for this purpose. It will help you to add all your tasks and remind if you forget any. List and prioritize your task and give each of them a deadline.

2. Read a Book

After five days of continuous working, you need some time to de-stress yourself. Fortunately, reading books have proved to reduce stress and relieve your mind by 68 percent. It’s a joyful exercise that takes you to a new world of fascination and sometimes reveals the reality of life. Reading also helps in the growth of your mind and increase your knowledge. It doesn’t matter which book you choose, but when you start reading you lose yourself in the book and free your mind from the routine stress and anxiety. So, pick your favorite novel and start reading on the weekend.

3. Spend time with your Family

Log out your official accounts and try to stay out of it on the weekends. Instead, spend time with your friends and family who help you to keep happy and energized. Research shows that your cells in the body get active when you’re happy and enjoying. It also helps in boosting your personal relations. When you feel close to your family you realized that you’ve someone who cares about you and it gives you the feeling of ‘Being Wanted.’ It adds to your longevity and enhances your mental health. After quality time with your loved ones, you feel more productive at work.

4. Career Development

The weekend is a good time to track your progress and work on the skills that aren’t letting you grow. For example, if you’re a blogger, writer, or digital marketer you can attend an online conference, participate in forum communications, and on social media forums, you can look for ways to grow. Apart from that, if you aren’t happy with your job, it’s a good time to hunt for your dream job in the newspaper, job portal sites, and social networking sites like LinkedIn or Facebook.

In addition, if you own a side hustle then you can also spare some time for it. Take a look at the pending tasks and try to resolve them on the weekends.

5. Declutter your Room

You’ve been making a great mess on the weekdays. There must be things that you haven’t touched for months, things that are lost, and things that need to be sorted. Trash the things that you no longer want and are of no use. Arrange your clothes and shoes sequentially in your cupboard. By doing this, you don’t have to run after the missing pair of shoes or other accessories on the weekdays.

Some Additional Tips

Above all these, weekends are a good time to catch up on your sleep, give yourself a treat, and spend quality time with your friends.

The tip of the day is to buy a Kanban Board and place all your task on the board. If you don’t know what is Kanban board, take help from Google and see how it adds in tracking your progress, managing your to-do lists, and making your weekend productive.

Weekends are a blessing try to make most of it. And instead of fearing Mondays, be excited about it.

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