How To Keep Your Lawn Healthy And Pest Free All Year Long

When you live in Florida, the weather is primarily warm year-round, so you must work harder to keep a home’s lawns beautiful and free of pests. There are a variety of ways to care for the lawns on your own, but you may also need professional assistance from experts. Here are some tips for keeping your home’s lawns healthy year-round.

Tip 1: Fertilize a Home’s Lawns

You should add natural or chemical-based fertilizers to the soil of your lawns several times a year. To determine what type of fertilizer is best, you can bring a sample of the soil to a garden store where it is analyzed to determine what type of nutrients are missing. A knowledgeable gardener can help you choose the proper fertilizer treatment for your property. It is a good idea to add fertilizer when the grass is growing rapidly. You can also compost your own fertilizer by having a compost pile in a hidden area of your backyard. By adding certain types of garbage to the compost pile, you can create a natural fertilizer for your property.

Tip 2: Aerate the Soil to Improve Its Condition

If you use special devices, then you can punch deep holes in the soil of your lawn to aerate it. This process is performed with handheld tools or mechanical equipment, making it easier for water and fertilizer to enter the soil. This helps to keep the roots of the grass on your lawn healthier, and it will also prevent soil compaction that makes it difficult for new grass to grow. Choose the proper time of year for aerating the lawns so that the roots of the grass aren’t drenched with too much rainwater.

Tip 3: Watering Lawns in a Hot Florida Region

Watering the lawns in Florida is essential because it is often hot in this region. However, you should only water the lawns early in the morning or in the evening when the temperature decreases. If you have a larger property, then the installation of automated sprinklers in the soil is beneficial. Alternatively, you can use a garden hose or a portable lawn sprinkler device to water the lawns. Remember that a local water company may have regulations concerning when and how much you can water the lawns of your property.

Tip 4: Removal of Debris from the Lawns

It is important to remove debris from your home’s lawns each week. If there is trash, palm fronds branches, or even outdoor furniture on the lawns, then the grass isn’t receiving enough natural sunlight. Make sure to move these items occasionally to keep the grass underneath these items healthier. In addition, with debris on the lawn, you are more likely to have problems from pests that can hide under the items. When you have pests on a lawn, you should contact experts such as Orlando Turner Pest Control for help. These companies can get rid of the current pests, and can also prevent a new pest infestation.

Tip 5: Mowing the Grass Properly

The grass in Florida will grow rapidly because the temperature remains warmer, so you must mow the lawns of your property frequently and properly. You should avoid cutting the grass too short because it will lead to unhealthy stems that turn brown or wilt in the sun. At the same time, grass that is too tall creates a great breeding ground for pests.

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