How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Body Type

Prom night is one of the most anticipated events for any high school student. And prom shopping is by far one of the most memorable and fun experiences of the period before the prom day. It’s a great time to try on as many prom dresses as possible. The best way is to start the process early so that you don’t run short of time. The clothing you pick should, by all means, bring out the queen inside of you. And to achieve that, you have to get a dress that flatters your body type. The first step should, therefore, be to understand your body type, then pick something that suits you snugly.

Remember, the right dress can mean the difference between looking fabulous and a total clown.

Here is a quick guide to buying a dress that suits your features, and that will make you look great!

Hourglass shape

A narrower waist characterizes an hourglass figure with bust and hips in roughly equal measurements. The best part about this kind of body is that almost all styles look great on them. With this type of body type, you get so many choices. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to go for more form-fitting prom dresses.


This body is triangle-shaped, meaning the lower body is fuller than the upper. You have more full hips and a relatively smaller upper body. Go for dresses that bring your upper body into balance with the lower. Buy dresses like a sweetheart neckline to draw attention to the upper body.


Now, this body type refers more to height than to shape. If you are 5’3 and below, you fit pretty well in this category. However, petite ladies come in all shapes. With this body, you have to go for EverPretty dresses that work well with both your height and build. Therefore, go for prom dresses that create an illusion of height. Shorter, vertical prints, V-necks, and slits will get the job done. These create an illusion of a taller height.


This body shape has broad shoulders, a larger bust, and an undefined waist. The secret to looking fabulous is to emphasize your shoulders and de-emphasize your middle area. You should decide to either draw attention up or down, but not at the waist. Sweetheart necklines and plunging neckline EverPretty dresses can be fabulous for this body.


Also known as a boxy body, it’s perfect if you have everything in equal measurements. This body type has the hips, bust, waist, and almost everything all-around consistent. For this, you need to create an illusion of a defined figure. The best EverPretty dress choices include mermaid, empire, ball gowns, and A-line prom dresses. That is because they help to accentuate your waist while adding volume to the hips and bust.


Finding the best prom dress can sometimes become not only exhausting but also frustrating. In most cases, what works for someone else may not work for you. For this reason, understanding what best suits your body type will help you look great and, of course, stand out. After settling on what best suits you, you can then comfortably choose from your favorite styles, whether glamorous, edgy or bohemian.

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