5 Must-Have Wedding Photography Shots

Your wedding day is indeed your big day, but it comes and goes real quick. Luckily, memories are forever, and the best way to store them is in a photograph. With that said, you should ensure you create a wedding photo checklist so that six months or ten years down the line, you can sit and reminisce over your big day. Note, while most local wedding photographers will often have their checklist, it pays to have your photo checklist. It allows you to ensure every moment you want to remember after you say I do is in your album. Here are five must-have wedding photography shots.

  • Getting Ready

Even the most well-prepared bride will still feel butterflies the morning before the wedding, and guess what? It’s okay to feel that way. After all, the day ahead marks the start of a new, essential phase of your life, and also, all the attention will be on you.

Have your wedding photographer snag shots of you getting your makeup done, those moments you sipped your last glass of champagne with your bridesmaids in oversized pajamas as an unmarried lady, or as your maid of honor helps you zip up your dress. These photos capture the precious, excited, and nervous moments before all the glitz and glamor of the wedding take over.

If possible, look for local wedding photographers who come with assistants so they may capture both parties getting ready.

  • A Photo of the Gown/Bridal Outfit

Although many of the shots in your wedding album will be those of you in your gorgeous gown, years to come, you’ll want to admire that dress you wore when you walked down the aisle. Also, have your wedding photographer snag a close up of your bridal shoes, the tiara or flower crown, and even the cute accessories you’ll don on this special day.

  • Generational Picture

If you are among the brides or grooms who are lucky enough to have their parents and grandparents as part of their big day, make sure your photographer snaps a generational photo. If you want this taken before you walk down the aisle, it could be of you, your mom, and grandma placing single hands on a beautiful surface together, standing at a window while looking out north, or all three of you holding a bouquet together. Your wedding photographers will have many ideas up their sleeves for your generational photo. So, make sure you tell them beforehand.

  • Your First Kiss as a Newly Married Couple

That first kiss as the newly married couple in town is usually the highlight of the main wedding ceremony. It is often the most-awaited, and it signifies the start of your forever. Include it in your wedding photo checklist, and if possible, have your photographer snap a close-up of it.

  • The Reception While Empty

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. Most of it often revolves around getting the venue ready, and honestly, it’s usually not a walk in the park. In that light, make sure you have your photographer sneak into the reception area before guests arrive and capture a shot of it for your album. This way, you can look at it in the future and remember the intricate details you loved and admire all the work you put in getting it together.

Your wedding day will come and go, but the photos are forever and will remind you of this great day for years to come. Therefore, have a photographer capture all the moments you want to share with your kids, five or ten years to come. While reviewing your local wedding photographers, make sure you check out their portfolio to see whether they have ever taken photos in your checklist and if yes, how good was their work.

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