How Often to Change Classical Guitar Strings?

Most of the players change their guitar strings after three months or after using 100 hours of it.  It actually depends on strings, your usage, and many other things. Like in classical guitar, nylon-based lines are generally used. Their durability, lifetime, strength, etc. are not the same as metal-based strings.

That is why changing the period of the classical guitar strings is different from other guitars. If you are a regular player, if you play your guitar every day for two hours, you should change the lines of your guitar every month (in the case of classical guitar which string are nylon-based).

In this article, we will identify how often to change classical guitar strings. We think you will love it.

How often to change classical guitar strings?

Monthly changing your guitar strings is a universal rule. But if you think deeply a lot of issues you need to consider before changing guitar strings. It depends on many essential things. We are giving you some signs, and if your guitar has one of them, you should change its lines. These are as follows:

You have used strings for over four months:

If you are a regular player and you used the strings of your classical guitar for over four months, you should change it now for enjoying the better quality sound from it.

There have some problems with its tuning:

The tuning problem of guitar occurs when your strings are brand new and when the strings got old. New lines do some issues on tuning, but after a few days when it will be adjusted appropriately, then all will be okay.

After using strings for a long time, if you find any tuning problem, you should wait for a week or a few days. If it is not adjusted, then you should change your strings.

Your guitar’s strings are so dirty:

It is easier to feel the age of the guitar strings than to see it. When you slide your fingers with your strings, you will feel smooth and slippery. But if you feel any friction between your fingers and lines, you will be sure that you need to change your guitar strings. The foul line will sound duller than the fresh one. That is why, for better sound, you have to change the strings of your classical guitar.

It sounds dull:

When strings get older, the sound of the guitar will be dull. That is why passionate guitarists change their guitar strings again and again. New strings have a fresh, smooth, and mellow sound. If you get the sound dull, you will be sure that the time of changing the series of the guitar has come.

One of the strings has broken recently:

If you found one of your guitar’s strings has broken, you will be understood that others will be broken very soon. When one of the lines is broken, you should change the lines of the guitar as quickly as possible.

Strings colors are changed:

If the color of your guitar’s strings is changed, it means you used these for a long time. The tone of the strings has changed by rubbing with your fingers when you play it. If you find it is broken, you should change your guitar strings.

Your guitar strings feel stiff:

If you feel the string of your guitar stiff, you will be understood that the changing time of the series of the guitar has come.

These are the signs of changing your guitar strings.

How much time guitar strings last?

It actually depends on many things. Some of them are given below:

How much you play your guitar:

The lasting time of the guitar is dependent on how much time do you play your guitar. If you are a professional guitarist, you have to change the strings of your guitar very frequently. But if you are just a player for fulfilling your hobby, you may need to change these after one year.

The quality of your guitar strings:

The quality of your guitar strings also varies its changing time. You will get many qualities’ strings in the market. If you buy a better-quality series for your guitar, it may last for a long time. That is why it is said that the lasting time varies by the quality of the guitar strings.

How much do you care:

If you take care of your guitar strings properly, it will definitely last more time than being careless about the strings. So, you should be more careful about the line for using them more times.

What kind of strings you are using:

There are many kinds of strings you will get in the market. The lifetime also varies by the types of lines.


The lifetime of the strings of a classical guitar is dependent on various things. But the rule of thumb is you can use it for three months in regular usage. But if you are a novice player or professional player, it will not be the same as the rule of thumb.

Here we identified how often to change your guitar strings. Hopefully, you will easily find your requirements here and be able to know that when you should change the strings of your guitar.

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