How Does a Garlic Keeper Work?


Garlic keepers are one of the kitchen accessories that allow garlic to stay fresh for an extended period. Garlic is considered hemp, but it is firmly related to an onion. It is used in various ways for cooking and sometimes for treatment. Therefore, it is crucial to preserve the garlic fresh.

Many people do not know, “how does a garlic keeper work.” In this article, we are going to talk about it, but first, let’s know what is garlic keeper.

What is Garlic Keeper?

Garlic keeper is designed to keep garlic fresh for a long time. It has multiple ventilation holes that help get enough air into the garlic keeper to keep the garlic dry and fresh. The garlic keeper also has a lid, which will help to prevent direct sunlight from damaging the garlic.

How Does a Garlic Keeper Work?

Garlic keepers are used to keep garlic fresh for a long time. We all want to have fresh vegetables, so why not garlic. You can store garlic for a long time without saving it in the refrigerator.

So how can you keep garlic fresh without storing it in the refrigerator? Simply, you can use a garlic keeper. So, below we are discussing “how does a garlic keeper work.”


Garlic needs to be breathed, so air circulation is a must. If the garlic gets the proper ventilation process, you can store it for even longer. Therefore you need a pot that has a ventilation system.

The garlic keeper is a pot designed in a way that it has holes in it. The holes can easily take air circulation. So you can get proper air circulation for the garlic, and the garlic will not catch mold anymore.

Don’t Get Moisture

One of the advantages of using a garlic keeper is that garlic doesn’t get moisture. Garlic keepers are made from ceramic, terracotta, or stoneware. These materials will absorb moisture. In this way, you can easily prevent moldiness from the garlic.

Mold can quickly grow in warmer areas, and it is a risk factor for garlic. Garlic keeper is one of the best ways that you can store garlic fresh in a warm place.

Remember that if the garlic comes in contact with moisture, it will start to digest, and the mold will start to grow. Therefore you need to store the garlic in the right condition.


Garlic can cause dampness in the sunlight. Therefore it is essential to store garlic in the right place. Garlic keeper is the way that you can keep garlic dry and fresh.

The garlic keeper has a lid, which is well-constructed and able to blocks the lights to pass it. In this way, you can easily store garlic for a long time in the garlic keeper.


Garlic needs to be stored at room temperature in a dry and dark place. Garlic will promote mold growth at a high temperature. Additionally, if you stored garlic in high humidity, it will cause it to sprout.

Garlic keeper works at a low temperature, so the garlic will not get dampness and keep fresh and dry. Keep one thing in mind you can keep garlic in the refrigerator, but you cannot get the right taste of it. On the other hand, if you keep garlic in the garlic keeper, you can get a fresh taste of it.

Final word

The garlic keeper is a piece of kitchenware that performs with it the ideal preservation conditions with ease. It is usually a type of pot that is designed to stay cool and has holes in it to allow air circulation.

If you do not know how does a garlic keeper works, we recommend you to read the article. It will help you to know about the garlic keeper, and also its working method—happy reading and storing garlic in the garlic keeper.




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