How Do Sufi Music And Bands Transcend Borders?


The music and rituals of the Sufi’s have inspired some of the greatest musicians in the world. People who need a spiritual home often turn to Sufi literature and music, and these bands are transcending borders because they bring peace to their fans and followers. There are a few tips below that explain what Sufi music is, why you might like it, and why you should travel the world to see this music performed live.

What Is The Sufi Tradition?

The Sufi tradition is often thought of as Islamic mysticism. the tradition is inspired by the poets who wrote in the mystical tradition. You may have read poetry by writers like Rumi and Hafiz. These poems often love songs to the faith, to an unknown God, or to a person who represents spirituality to the writer.

The poems have been turned into love songs over the centuries, and those love songs have dances and rituals that accompany them. Modern Sufi bands perform these songs in their own style, and they often include dances that remind fans of the original traditions that started centuries ago.

Why Does Sufi Music Transcend Borders?

Arabic music does not have the traditional twelve-tone scale that you hear in Western music. Arabic music contains 36 notes, and the nuance in this music can be heard in the tight spaces between the notes. Ethnic instruments are used to create this music, and people around the world are no longer mystified by these instruments.

Anyone interested can listen to Arabic music online, research Middle Eastern instruments online, and learn how this music sounds. Plus, followers can watch the dances online. Someone who is truly interested in the tradition can learn every part of the Sufi ritual, and they will come to concerts with a grasp of what it means to perform these songs.

Should You Travel The World To See These Artists Perform?

You can easily send money to Pakistan online when friends are traveling to meet Sufis or attend Sufi concerts. Some people travel to Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco, or Turkey to see Sufi performers. Other travelers consider these places holy spots that should be part of a pilgrimage.

Pilgrimages cost money, and you may be asked to transfer money to someone who needs a bit of extra cash. If you are traveling to remote areas for Sufi concerts or meetings, you must designate a friend back home who can transfer money to your location in an emergency. Learn where the local embassy or consulate is located, and create an itinerary that your family can follow.

Does The Sufi Tradition Include A Religion?

The Sufi tradition is not a religion so much as it is a practice. Islamic mysticism is a method used by followers and performers to get as close to God as possible. If you are seeking a spiritual home, you may prefer this practice because it includes soothing music and dance that will help you find God in the world.

Some Sufis believe that they can have encounters with God if they are performing their music and dances. Others simply want the ethereal sound of the music to inspire them to pray. Because the Sufi tradition does not have rigid rules, anyone can use these practices in their own life.

The Sufi tradition has transcended borders because people all over the world can see what the Sufis have to offer. You do not necessarily need to travel the world to know what the Sufis do, but you may be inspired to see them live when you are traveling.


The Sufi tradition has managed to transcend borders and cultures by providing a spiritual home for people who do not believe in a standard form of religion. You may study the Sufi traditions online, Luis ten to their music online, and learn their dances by watching videos. When you want to see your favorite performers or troupes, you can travel around the world to see their performances. You need money for these pilgrimages, and you can plan your trip around money transfers and donations that help you pay for your journeys.


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