Golden and Glamorous: Beauty Tips for the Mature Woman


Aging with grace is more than just looking and feeling great as you get older. You can look into the mirror without shying away from who’s looking back. You’re not afraid of how the skin around your eyes crinkles when you laugh. You can dress your age and be bold with your choices. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to succumb to stereotypes such as clunky orthopedic shoes or swapping your clothing for a housecoat. The current trends you love and the style of your past can coexist together fabulously. Here are some beauty tips for mature women who wish to remain glamorous in their golden years.

The popular ’80s sitcom The Golden Girls revolved around the lives of four women who worried about familiar concerns like dating, working, and looking good as grandmothers. They are taking a journey to find themselves again in this new stage of life. These characters’ struggles with sex, finding work, and looking younger are relatable to audiences of mature women for a few reasons.

Many feel unseen and disregarded by younger generations because they’re thought of as elderly, fragile, grandmotherly figures who don’t understand things such as modern technology. Throughout history, women were treated as delicate beings who always needed to look amazing even when caring for their children, cooking, and cleaning. Today, the mature woman can juggle work, social gatherings, and weekends with the grand kids while embracing her own natural beauty. You don’t have to settle for lumpy cardigans or outdated beauty rules.

You don’t have to hide your graying hair behind plain dye jobs. Instead, highlight and flaunt your confidence with soft tones like rose gold. Ombre your hair without covering up your silver roots and fades into colors such as a darker gray and then a dusty lavender. For a brighter pop, you can try some fun deep purples, bright blues, or a little of both. Skincare is crucial for a healthy and smooth complexion no matter what age you are. Staying out of the sun means fewer wrinkles and a lower risk of skin cancer.

You can buy foundations with sunscreen to combat sun damage for everyday wear. Unhealthy habits like smoking and tanning can also cause premature lines, making you look older than you are. Moisturizing is another good way to keep your skin hydrated and soft. Makeup to even out your skin should match your tone and conditions such as dry skin or if it’s too oily.

Menopause can create a plethora of bothersome issues due to the decrease in estrogen. Some examples are the loss of collagen, a protein in the body that keeps the structure and elasticity in bones, skins, and organs, which begins to break down causing looser skin. Hot flashes cause uncomfortable flushes of heat that cause sweating, chills, and reddening of the affected areas (usually the face and upper body).

Waterproof makeup can help to reduce smearing and mascara running. Glamnetic offers a futuristic and fun alternative with a magnetic lash kit. Each of the kits comes with your choice of lashes in different colors or classic black, lengths, or vegan, and magnetic eyeliner that set lashes in place.

Lip care is just as important as overall skincare The skin around your lips may begin to develop small lines and wrinkles, especially if you’re a long-time smoker. The feathering of lipstick can be prevented with lip liners leaving your lipstick intact without smearing or smudging. Mature women can find a variety of glosses, stains, and lip colors that flatter your skin tone, moisturize dry lips, or last through those wonderful, but tiring visits with the grandkids.




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