Global MBA of Bologna Business School

Enroll in a global MBA of Bologna Business School in order to learn from the best in a multi-cultural environment.

The Bologna Business School is an important part of the prestigious University of Bologna. It is the largest business school among the Italian public universities and has more than 150 top-class faculty members. Among the 50+ programs, the global MBA of Bologna Business School is the most diverse, with its principal focus to make it as inclusive as possible to the global students. They also have a portfolio of 500+ companies, 9 of which are international.

Whether you want to rise up the ladder in your current organization, or just prepare for a leadership role, the specialization offered by the global MBA of Bologna Business School  is perfect. Let’s find out the details from below.

Programs offered by Global MBA of BBS

With an intention to nurture and prepare young professionals to tackle the challenges of multinational organizations, the MBA of Bologna Business School is comprised of 4 specializations. All of these global MBA programs are full-time, 12-months long and entirely taught in English. They have been EPAS accredited since 2015 authorized by the European Foundation of Management Development.

Divided into three different terms, the programs concentrate on teaching the fundamentals of management at the beginning, then moves on to teaching major-specific subjects, before finishing it up with an internship or project work period. The school also arranges for interdisciplinary dialogues, insightful seminars with the presence of business leaders, dynamic integration with the local communities and such, etc. Each of the specific programs costs 35,000 Euros, with plenty of merit-based and other scholarships available.

The 4 major concentrations are:

MBA in Design, Fashion, and Luxury Goods: In this program, students can embark on a year-long journey to enrich themselves with the finesses of the luxury goods Made in Italy. With a perfect balance of creative thinking and business, the course aims to provide young leaders with insights of the famous Italian Design, Fashion, and Luxury goods industry.

MBA in Food and Wine: Inspired and enhanced by the great Italian culinary heritage, this program aims to prepare young professionals or entrepreneurs with the strategic tools needed for the internationalization of their food and wine business. The classes are led by the international faculties, with the occasional lectures from established entrepreneurs, managers, and Michelin-starred chefs.

MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Business: In this age of green energy revolutions and sustainable business models, this is a program designed to build the future of businesses. It has a six-pillar model that includes accountability, ethics & CSR, laws and regulations, technology management & strategy, entrepreneurship, etc.

MBA in Supercars, Superbikes, and Motorsports: As the name suggests, this MBA program provides the perfect platform to turn your passion into a rewarding career. In partnership with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ducati, Dallara, Magneti Marelli, and Toro Rosso; the program is poised to send students off to a flying start.

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